Monday, 30 July 2012

A little gem

On my way to Narrabri to collect my puppy, I always drive through a town called Wee Waa. It is always tidy, and you can see the residents take great pride in their town with most houses on the main road done up beautifully. The main street is nicely done too.

Whenever we go through town I tell my husband to slow down so I can have a good stickybeak at the cute weatherboard houses as I go past.

I have always wanted to have a good look at one particular place on the main street as it always catches my eye as it is so lovely.

The fence is quite high and imposing. The gates are locked whenever I go past. But today was my lucky day!

The garden is immaculate and beautifully clipped. The Japanese box hedges make such a difference in keeping it all tidy and together. The fountain to the right is a gorgeous feature too.

I love the iron seats to look at the garden at different angles. It is winter so everything is a bit dormant now. It is a cool oasis from the heat in summertime.

It used to be a convent back in the day. Love the colour of the weatherboards with the white trim. I love it so much because it reminds me of my house (same colours). I think once mine is painted, it will be a close match to this.

To the right of the house is a tiny cottage and I discovered that there is a shop within. It is the cutest shop with loads of beautiful giftware. I oohhed and aahhed to the ladies who own it, and they mentioned they had another room in the main house where they keep their furniture and homewares. I took a look, and it had the most gorgeous lights, mirrors and beautiful furniture within. It was rather dark so I didn't take pics. I eyed off a lovely nickel plated desk lamp, and I really should of bought it. Might have to go back one day soon!

This little pavillion is used for weddings. It's so cute! There were a million tradies inside the main house on the day I was there, so I would love to see it all finished. Apparently there are going to be more retailers in there. I am hoping for a coffee shop, and more space for the ladies with the beautiful gifts and homewares.

I love this archway and main gateway at the front.

I wonder if I can convince someone to make me one?

So pretty!

Lots of ideas to consider for my garden now.

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  1. What a gorgeous place! I'll definitely be checking it out next time I go through Wee Waa