Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Transformer

I got a new transformer yesterday....

Nah, joking! Not that sort of transformer!

This is the transformer I mean, see how shiny and new it is!

This is the old one.

It is about 60 years old and not up to the job. We had so many blown lightbulbs, water pumps blown up and even my pool chlorinator blew up too. I can blame the old transformer for them and hopefully this will now do the job properly.

You saw the preparation we did to take our power underground before on this post..... http://cattleandcushions.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/we-are-upgrading-our-power.html

We had a bit of bobcat excavation work to be done and lots of new cables to redo. I am glad the job is now complete.

When I left in the morning I quickly snapped a pic of the heavy machinery. I only took one sneaky snap, as I didn't want to look like a weirdo taking pics of the trucks!

There was a crane, a cherrypicker and a few trucks too. Lots of people to change it all over.

I left, as there was no power. I had a lovely day with my husband's sisters and their cute babies.

The power is underground so we are getting rid of the wires on the shed and the house now.

There was a power pole here. You wouldn't know it now! It was removed and there is a pile of kindling for my fire in it's place.

Now we can turn these on!

I am so pleased that we got the panels installed onto a slab too, instead of my roof. It cost us a bit more. We had to get the frame specially made up.  Not having ugly damn panels ruining the look of the roof is priceless. I have been told not to put anything on the roof as it will ruin it, and leakages will start. I am in total agreeance.

I can't wait to see how much power we save too!

While I had an electrician here I got him to do some other jobs too. He put lights on this old lamppost for me. It is great to have some outside lights when I get home in the dark.

This is a pic of the small shed with the broken windows. It had some painted masonite in place of the louvers. It was driving us mad, so we got some more cut up and we replaced them too.

Looks so much better now!

We did that for all the sheds and it cost about $350 to get them cut to size, but it is worth it!

Well, that was a long post, and possibly boring too! I can't tell you how excited I am as now it means I can get AIR-CONDITIONING!!!!

We lived through last summer without it and it was stinking hot too. Hopefully I can do this sooner rather than after summer is over.

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  1. Ahh you neeeed air con!! I don't know where you are, but anywhere north west NSW needs it!