Sunday, 29 July 2012

New addition to the family

I picked this little fella up last Monday.....

He is a lovely blue stumpy-tailed cattle dog.

I drove to the half way point (Narrabri) to meet the breeder to collect him. I put the boys on the bus, and told them that there would be a present to play with when they got home from school.

The previous owner was a lovely bloke and his wife had been spoiling him for 10 weeks. How could you not? Just look at him!

He was very good in the pup cage all the way home and didn't yelp once. When I took him out of the car, he ran under the house and hid for a bit. He was a little overwhelmed at first.

The breeder told me that they were calling him Teddy. I thought it really suited him as he is a little softy. We were tossing up between Max and Ted or Teddy. Ted won, and he responds really well to his name now.

My older boys are besotted with him. My youngest boy is frightened of dogs, so he is trying to get used to him being around. He is ok to watch him from inside the house, but he won't go out if Ted is off the chain.

Ted was great the first night we got him. We put him in the chook run and he didn't peep until 6am. The second night when he formed a bond with us he cried and howled and barked for hours. I decided that we wouldn't sleep with him doing that so I let him loose and he slept under the house.

We are slowly introducing him to the chain so he will be able to be tied on the back of the ute without barking the whole time.

So far he has been so beautiful and happy. He smiles at us all the time now, and is a bit more confident too. Due to the boys spending all their days with him. My middle boy gets up and the first thing he does in the morning is to check Ted and say hello to him.

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