Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Smeg microwave

When we moved to this house earlier in the year, my microwave suddenly stopped working properly.

It was a LG and it did the job, until the turntable stopped turning. It still cooked a bit, but was a bit patchy, with hot spots and cold spots in the food.

So off to Dubbo I went in search of my next microwave.....

I went to Harvey Norman and I looked at a few that they had instore. The price was about $200 - $300 for a decent branded one.

Chatting away, my requirements were...

1. Big internal cavity
2. Cooks evenly and with a few good functions
3. Not too expensive/good brand

So I was checking them all out and I asked the guy what does the Smeg one do that the others don't. He said "Nothing really but I will give that one to you for $300".

So I was sold straight away as the Smeg was $600 and double the price of all the others. I am a believer of "You get what you pay for". So I was stoked that this one was the same as all the others.

I took it home feeling chuffed.

Turned it on to heat some food and.... Nothing.

Would not heat!

So I called Harvey Norman, and told them the story and they agreed to replace my dead microwave. I could not believe that it was a dud before I even turned it on!

So a couple of months later I was able to get down to Dubbo to exchange my microwave. I nearly asked them to test it for me to ensure it worked as I did not want to drive back (2 hours away) to Dubbo again if the next one was a dud.

Holding my breath, I heated a plate of food and SUCCESS!

Very happy with it now, seems to work really well.

Until a week later, I accidentally chipped the glass tray inside clanging another bowl against it.

Chipped tray

Moral of the story?

There is no moral really, but I have decided that I am over mucking around with microwaves.  I can't be bothered going through another trip to Dubbo to get a new tray for it.

Still happy with it anyway - it heats, and that is the main thing!

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