Sunday, 22 July 2012

Citrus trees

We have been looking at putting some citrus trees in for a while, and I have finally chosen some trees.

We have pretty good soil here so it is ideal for citrus trees. My father in law has asked me for years to put more trees in. He even said he would pay for them, as he can't grow them in his black soil at his home.

I put some in at my old house, and they were a bit exposed. They all died due to the massive 2002 drought. The poddy calves that I was trying to keep alive ate every leaf on them, so sadly, they died.

So fast forward to now, and my boys are eating so much citrus fruit I can't keep up!

I put two orange trees, one mandarin and a lemon tree in.

Lemon tree

I have another mandarin to put in once we remove a dead tree that is taking it's place at the moment.

We also have concrete blocks we have to remove. We discovered them underground when we were digging trenches for our water scheme. We dug them out and we think they may of once been a cement tankstand long ago.

Mandarin with mandarins on it - Bonus! Concrete blocks behind it.

My vegie patch to be is next to the citrus. That my be something I will get into next year. Major renovation there!

The dead tree will have to be dragged away

Vegie patch in the making

Can't wait until they grow up!

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  1. thanks Jo for your nice comments on my blog, much appreciated at this sad time. cheers Fiona
    BTW - you are still set up as a no reply blogger. here's how to change that if you were inclined (so when you leave a comment -people can reply straight away via email)
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