Friday, 12 October 2012

Laura Ashley Home 2013

I just discovered the Laura Ashley Home magazine for 2013 is out now.

I do love to flip through the pages online, but I prefer the hard copy you get in store. It really is a beautiful thick book, and I always find some inspiration in it. The mag is available in store or you can buy it online. I find that the ladies in store usually give me a copy for free, which is great.

Lets take a peek at some stuff inside...

This is classic Laura Ashley. A pale shade of blue with cream is a staple in their collection year after year.

I love a neutral look. This is divine!

I know that I would get sick of it though! If I didn't change the cushions around to some colour once in a while.

Still, a very peaceful room.

This is a bit more "On trend". I love the geometric curtains. I really love that pattern. Laura funks it up!

Still so restful.

They are the kings (or Queens) of homewares that won't date quickly.

Gorgeous blues - love that wallpaper in the arches.

This is spectacular too!

I really love that paisley on the curtains and the wall. Matching perfection at it's best.

There is plenty more images in the catalogue. Here's the link.

Shabby Chic still goes strong for L A.

Personally, I am a bit over pink cabbage roses on everything. I am so glad I didn't go nuts decorating everything Shabby Chic when I was over the moon for it. Especially with a male household, my boys aren't fans of pink and white rooms. I really love neutrals with elements of Shabby Chic though if you know what I mean.

The only thing about the catalogue that I am not really mad about is the fact that there are NO PRICES in there. So if you want to find out how much that gorgeous chandelier is, you must ring them up for a quote. 

I could spend a fortune just on blinds and curtains there.. Sigh.

Are you over Shabby Chic, or is it still your favourite and your best?

Do you love any of these rooms?

Let me know, I love to know how people feel about trends.


  1. I have just discovered your lovely blog.I am a huge fan of the older Laura Ashley fabrics and I think it marries well with shabby chic.It lends a more credible elegance to an otherwise worn out look. It will never lose its appeal to those who love peace and a quiet way of life.Keep up the good work Jo.

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