Monday, 27 August 2012

Weekend stuff

We started our weekend off with a bit of reading in bed on our Saturday morning, before playing soccer in town. I madly did some cleaning when I got home and the boys went to see some senior Rugby in town too.

I bought a few books from our Book Fair for my boys this week. I tend to be buying lots of books for H as he is an avid reader. And by avid I mean he can read a chapter book in a couple of days if it is long. I am trying to keep up with his habit, so the book fair came in handy.

These books look like comics, and one is a graphic novel (I thought F would like it). The other ones I bought are Shakespeare in comic form. This makes it a bit easier to "get" their head around the story before they get into the language too. There was a Greek Myth one too, they love their books.

F ended up with a yucky book about germs. I am hoping to instill a tiny bit of OCD tendencies in them, so they wash their hands whenever they come inside the house after touching the puppy.

On Sunday we packed the kids into the car and drove 2 hours away for a Rugby carnival. The boys last game of the season (whoo hoo!).

Two hours away is fairly ridiculous for children to play a few games of footy, but that is what you do when you live in the country.

We are the Rams. The yellow is Scone. Scone is a very well-drilled team. I think most of the dads and coaches are ex Wallabies. And they grow them big in those horsey towns, they look like giants against our little boys!

Ha, check out my cropping skills!

I cropped other people's children out with picmonkey. Really easy to do!

The boys were exhausted afterwards. All done and dusted for another year!

I will be putting the boys to bed early tonight for some extra catch-up sleep after a very full weekend.



  1. The things we have to do for our kids! My goodness, 2 hours would get us to Byron Bay. xx

  2. I know! And our closest game was one and a half hours away and our furtherest is two and a half hours. Phew, done and dusted until next year!