Sunday, 6 October 2013

French Essence giveaway!

Would you like to go in a giveaway?

It's a pretty amazing one at that too!

To celebrate 5 years of French Essence blog, Vicky Archer is giving the chance to win a week’s stay at Le Petit Bijou.

Pretty spectacular prize hey!

Enter here. It is quite easy, you just have to follow on various outlets and subscribe to French Essence. Leave a comment and see how you go!

Vicky's blog was one of the very first blogs I discovered and it has always been a gorgeous read.

And if you don't win, the blog is still a spectacular read!

Good Luck!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Simple Ideas are often the best

I have been playing around on Pinterest lately and found this little bit of inspiration.

I love that the simplest of ideas can just work so well and are functional whilst looking cute too.

Bistro Union, Clapham

Sure beats a blackboard with chalk dust flying about! And I imagine it would be fairly easy to keep replacing the roll when you want to.

Imagine using it to write messages to your (older) kids, like a chore list they can do while you are out or at work. Handy for lots of mums! Or you could use it to write messages to your family outlining where everyone is, at what times, to keep track of it all. Perfect for busy homes with lots of sporting commitments!

Or you could just using it as a shopping list that everyone could add to as the kitchen runs out of things.

Although this is from a Cafe/Bar, and I imagine it would be used to write up the daily specials. I think it looks great for a rustic/industrial look kitchen.

Would you use this in your kitchen? Or do you think it could be a bit too rustic and over sized?

Catch up post

I have been rather slack on the blog front, I feel rather guilty for neglecting it so much. But life goes on, and we get busy with other things. And before I knew it it turned into October and the blog is the last job on the list of things to do.

I took some pics in the garden as the crab apple came into bloom. I love this blossom sprouting from the trunk.

I love spring and all the flowers it brings forth. But not the weeds.....

Black and green, I never get sick of that colour combo!

The archway was looking particularly green and fluffy. White Jasmine on this one.

We put a new fence up. And this is the top of the gorgeous old gate we are using as the entrance to the orchard.

The poddy calves won't be able to graze in my garden now with my new fence.

The avenue of Chinese Elms were looking pretty good after mowing under them, and a good prune...

I said goodbye to my pram. I loved this pram to bits! Bought it for my first baby H (who is now 11)  and it has seen two more babies arrive after him, and it was time to go. Now that little N is 4 and a half - it was way past time.

I gave it to a friends who needed it for their first baby. I think they will love it just as much as I did. The suspension it has is amazingly smooth, and they are pretty expensive these days. Doubled in price since I bought this one.

Our new puppy Pete the Border Collie. He has fit in quickly after Ted. He is insanely keen to work. He will round up butterflies, birds, and kids. He hasn't been trained to work cattle of sheep yet, but he is showing lots of promise and enthusiasm.

Border Collies are so intelligent and active. I can't imagine anyone owning one in the city, they would go insane. Pete would anyway!

Finishing off with a purple sky the other night. Love this beautiful weather, it's perfect!