Saturday, 21 July 2012

Painting the house

I have started painting the exterior weatherboards of my house.

The house was painted about 10 years ago and it needs some love again.

The colour on there now is called "Agapanthus". Not sure who made it, possibly Dulux?

The colour I am painting it now is called "Iron Gate" by Taubmans. I had a painter working on the house last year. He did the facsia and vents in this colour for me. I badly wanted him to keep going with the exterior, but as finances dictate - we had to leave it there. It is quite similar to the other colour, but less blue and more softer gray. It should wear better too as it is white based, and won't fade as much as a black based paint. I learnt this while I was picking a colour with the painter - handy to know.

So, the house isn't too flaky which is good as there is less prep to do. I thought I would give it a go.

The old colour is on the left. My new colour is on the right. Very subtle, but I can see a difference straight away.

It is going to take me many months to do it all, I am determined to get the "hot" sides of the house done first because painting in the heat of summer is not my idea of fun!

I started painting the pergola too last year before we moved, but it was harder with a little 2 year old "helping" me. So the time is now, I must finish it off too before it gets too hot to paint it as well.

The pergola is being painted with Porters Paints "Palm Beach Black". I love it so much! It is a matte speciality finish which should protect the posts really well.

The drawback is the expense of it. It costs a bomb for 4 litres, and it sucks in the instant you slap it on. The Pros are no prep needed, Just brush it on!

I have a lot to do.


  1. The new paint seems to be lighter yet it seems to be gentler to the eyes. Did you also repaint your roof? I wonder what color you’ve used. If I’m given the choice, I’d choose silver, it complements well with light blue. :)

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    1. Hi Valerie, I renewed the roof in a colourbond steel called "Surfmist". It looks great with the new colour too!

      The old roof was a galvanised plain corrugated iron. The new one reflects heat so well now. Thanks for your comment!