Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Vanishing act

I have pulled my vanishing act on everyone lately. I didn't mean to ignore this blog and not post for so long. But as it has been my excuse before, I will trot it out again (I know, I know). Life gets in the way and blogging is way down the list of jobs to do.

I say it every time I neglect the blog for months at a time, so you will have to bear with me and treat each new post as a surprise that I am still about, busy with life and trying to fit it all in.

We have been busy selling bullocks. Some of our crops were destined to be failures this year due to the dry so we shoved as many cattle as we could on them to fatten them up for sale.

Some crops were ok, so harvest went ahead and we were surprised that the yield was a bit better than we thought for some of them. We were lucky that we got anything at all considering the dry year we have had.

Busy buying cattle too, out and in constantly. The boys were a great help in the holidays as that was when the bulk of our cattle came in. Mustering, sorting, marking and branding took the majority of the holidays.

We have had a few hot weeks to give us a taste of our relentless summer to come. Dust storms too. Wishing for a flood  to come this Christmas.

School and activities have been taking up time. Back to swimming and cricket. General busyness and the lead up to Christmas is keeping me on my toes.

My first son is going away to boarding school next year. He has had a sample boarding/sleepover weekend at the new school and made new friends. I am so glad that he enjoyed it so much, and when we had another orientation day they all knew each other to catch up and have a chat.

I bought some uniforms too. Nothing like trying on blazers to hit you with the reality of sending your firstborn away in a couple of short months.

And the reality of sending my baby of the family to school next year is hitting too with his orientation days over, and his eagerness to start kindergarten next year.

I will be home alone for the first time in forever, what the hell will I do with my spare time?


Spare time?
I will be driving to Sydney on top of all the sporting and school commitments we do.

It will be a fine juggling and balancing act to go with the vanishing act in my circus.