Monday, 16 July 2012

I have been absent for a while on this blog as it has been busy and back to school too.

These School holidays we didn't go anywhere this time. We awaited the arrival of a new niece and cousin for my boys.

She is rather cute! I can't show pictures, but we were very excited.

As farm life dictates, we waited for a heifer to give birth to her own calf. We were watching her during her pregnancy as heifers usually need help to give birth for the first time.

We thought the minute we went away for a few nights would be the minute she went into labour, and the calf would get stuck. So we stayed put.

We waited all holidays and checked her twice a day, no calf.

Then we got a bit of rain, beautiful rain and she eventually went into labour.

We checked the back end of her, and sure enough the amniotic sac was bulging out, and we left her to do the rest. She managed to give birth without our intervention (which was wonderful).

The little fella is lovely, and the heifer hides him away in the long grass most of the day, so I havn't had a good close look at him yet.

We managed to take the boys to Dubbo for the day so they could see the new Ice Age movie. I was able to buy some new boots - on sale (bargain).

These boots were $225 down on sale to $95 in Myer, last pair in my size too!

I have started painting the exterior of the house (I have no idea how I got roped into that one). And it is a big task! I just want it done, so I can move on to other projects. May take me a few months to get it all done though.

So all in all, a very relaxing, yet busy holiday period.

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