Tuesday, 9 October 2012


We have been looking into some blinds or awnings to put on our verandah on the western side. The sun beats down through the end of our enclosed verandah and heats up our lounge room in the summer. I am pretty keen on some side channel awnings that are sort of like blinds in the way they work. They have a side channel (duh, that's why they got their name). Which keeps the blind in place without flapping about too much. You twist the bottom of the blind to release it to whatever length you would like.

Here's a pic of it.

Ok, the blind won't go right to the floor of my verandah and it will go on the outside of the house instead of the interior. I am going to have to choose a colour and a fabric. I am thinking black and white or grey and white stripes.

So, husband likes to fiddle around when he is measuring up. And he decided to replace the gauze on the verandah while we are going, as there are some tiny holes that are getting bigger for the mozzies to make their way inside.

He was only going to re-gauze the corner, it turned into the whole thing. Story of my life. The smallest jobs become huge tasks around here!

This is the Western side that we will put the blinds on and we will wrap it around the corner. Eventually we may put awnings around the whole house. But that may be some time away yet.

I am still plodding along with the house painting. It seems like I have a million weatherboards to prep and paint. I am doing this myself, so it is a really slow process.

Still going.

We removed the timber holding the gauze in place, some of it split - so it will be replaced. We bought some heavy duty gauze, and my job is to prep, prime and paint this baby quickly so the gauze can go in. I can't open my doors and if we want a breeze it won't happen with the millions of flies coming in!

My old trellis is in the background of this pic behind the barbecue. It was in pretty bad shape and rotten so it had to go. I don't know if I want to put another one there, or if I will leave the space alone.

It opens it right up!

I am still plodding along painting the pergola with the Palm Beach Black, it is a massive task that I didn't realise would take me so long to do. I love it, but it has been a massive labour of love, and I always laugh when family members have asked me why I painted my pergola with sump oil!

Most bloody expensive sump oil in Australia!

My favourite tree in the whole garden is coming into leaf.

And my favourite dog is looking really cute all the time!

Ted is still a baby, and a real softy.

Hope your week is going well!

I am off to paint this thing now, may be away for a while. Will post progress pics.


  1. My - you have been busy. Just as well your house is single storey! I hope it hasn't been too hot for you out there! xx

    1. Hi Caroline, I have been offline for a bit as things have got a bit hectic. I am so glad it is a single storey too, I don't like getting up higher than the eaves, so it would be a dealbreaker for me!

      I honestly don't know how I got roped into painting this house, I think we decided to DIY when we spent a fortune getting professionals inside last year. Since the farmer is too busy it is all my domain. I need to speed things up as it is going to get super hot in the next few weeks.

      Actually Millthorpe could get snow/sleet tomorrow with our freezing snap tomorrow - insane! It will be an action packed day tomorrow for me beating the heat to come!

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