Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Scalamandre Zanzibar

I love love love this pattern by Scalamandre.

I love the yellow with the zebra stripes, even though it comes in some other stunning colours, I still love the yellow best.

It can really pack a punch in a small space. It is pretty overwhelming and not for the faint hearted. I am a fan of yellow, and zebra's too. So it gets the tick from me.

Funny though, the only one I am not mad for is that beige colourway, I think if you do the Zebra's you must use one of those jewel colours.


It looks amazing in a bathroom or powder room. How gorgeous is that marble sink too!

This is by Diane Bergeron, stunning!


This is combining two of my loves......Yellow Zebras and blinds with a Greek key trim. Ahhhhhh......

I would love to do it one day, but I have a feeling my husband would not be able to live with it, way too bright for him!

Here it is in The Royal Tenambaums. Margot's bathroom is just too cool in the red colourway.


This black room with loads of pattern somehow comes together.


The Kips Bay designer show house for 2012 shows us all how it's done. The red gives a sumptuous and luxurious feel.


Kate Spade's guest bathroom.

Lovely with some black and white for contrast.


If you can't afford a whole wall of zebras, you could make do with a cushion to bring that amazing pattern and colour in to your home.

It is so gorgeous......

Lots of other beautiful fabrics and wallpapers on their website.


I am warning you now......If you click, you will loose a lot of time due to drooling.

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  1. Gorgeous, but I am way too conservative and boring for such excitement. I do wonder if anyone in Adelaide (such a conservative little town) would be bold enough to embrace any of those cool wallpapers. I certainly hope so, and then I hope they blog about it! Kx (The Blog a House Built)