Tuesday, 23 October 2012



 Loving the Hippeastrums in my garden....

So bright and vibrant!

We have been busy selling cattle too!

Excuse the crappy picture with clothesline in foreground. I shot this through my window as the truck drove past. These truckies are really good, best drivers in Australia! They know to drive past your house really slowly so they don't create a massive amount of dust for me to get cross about!

Three decks of cattle going to the abattoirs in Qld. Not a huge amount, but we are getting ready to sell more in the next few weeks. Lots more ready to go in trucks. busy times!

Then we will be into our harvest after that is done.

And we are getting a few little fellows from all over the place, as they get cheaper as it gets hotter and drier. Lots of cattle to mark once we get them off the truck.

Will post some verandah progress tomorrow.


  1. Love your flowers - the colour is gorgeous! I hope your getting good $$ for your cattle. We just bought a bull ourselves - I'll introduce him to you shortly. xx

  2. I hope we do too!

    We have to wait and see what weight they come back at on the kill sheets to find out.

    You bought a bull?? Where are you running it? You could put him at that lovely beach house if you buy it! :)