Monday, 15 October 2012

Progress and procrastination

Things are pretty busy here at the moment with kid things taking a lot of my time.

I spent most of Saturday prepping and priming the bits and pieces on my enclosed verandah. I am going to paint the strips before we put them up over the top of the gauze now, because I realised what a painful job it would be if I managed to get paint on the new gauze.

I will paint as much as I can, and then I can touch up later.

Also I realised that I should paint the insides of the frames too, so I don't have the paint-on-gauze problem again.

So off I went to the hardware shop to choose a paint colour.

I went with my gut, I have been agonising over a colour for the verandah interior for ages. But, in the shop I picked the colour in 5 minutes, so I hope my gut is right on the money now!

The interior is going to be a Taubmans paint "London Fog". On the fan deck it is a bit lighter than "Iron Gate" which is my exterior colour.

I am pretty much in love with the Taubmans endure paints. (And this is not sponsored). I love the feel of it, and it is super top quality. Beautiful to paint with and it is so silky and thick too. Their primer is textured like custard and I love it too!

Yeah, heaps to do and lots of fiddly stuff.

I am taking my boys swimming most days now. Older boy trains 3-4 days a week and younger one does twice a week. Older boy is in the hardcore group and he will probably be doing 5-6 days once it gets hotter.

The little one will be learning how to swim once the pool warms up a bit too. I can't stress how important is is to get your kids swimming while they are young. And you do have to put the hours in, otherwise they lose it and find it hard when they want to keep up with their mates.

If you have kids, do yourself a massive favour and get your kids swimming early - it is so important for us, when there are dams and rivers and so much danger on the farm.

Enough of that rant..... On to the procrastination part of the post.

The garden is pretty at the moment.

Love my avenue of Chinese Elms (trampoline in the middle).

I transplanted these Hippeastrums from my old garden. Only planted them in Feb and I thought they were dead. They were my grandmothers, and she was a champion gardener. She gave me 6 bulbs and they have multiplied lots over the years. Love them!

Ignore the weeds!

Tidied up my arch so you can actually walk under it. It is a white potato vine.

The Cattleman decided to mow the yard for me, it makes everything look awesome! This plumbago is in desperate need of a trim too. The aggies need some weeding love, but the thing I am most surprised at is the lawn.

The whole yard had a bobcat levelling it all last year and I didn't plant a single runner. It is the toughest lawn in the world as it braved 6 years of total neglect when no one was living in my house. Amazing!

This is what one fat spring lamb look like in esky form.

We did one yesterday and one today, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world that we have the yummiest lamb on tap whenever we want. And I feel so lucky that the Cattleman is such a good butcher too, it's a real dying art too - not many people know how to do their own animals.

I keep telling the boys how lucky they are to have yummy lamb to eat whenever we want it. I know how much everyone else pays for it, so we are lucky, lucky, lucky........

Hopefully more progress soon as I stop procrastinating so much on the mammoth painting task.


  1. My God woman, you are a machine! And your hubby is the luckiest man!!! xx

    1. Ha, I wish!

      Lots of things are falling by the wayside whilst I try to prep and paint. The little fella just lives on Jatz crackers + ABC Kids, and we pick out of the washing basket for clothes to wear!

      It is suddenly hot, so I really need to get into it tomorrow whilst I don't have a swimming day to interrupt progress.

      Thanks for commenting Caroline, I love that you are one of my few commenters so far. It is nice of you when you have 4 little wild ones, and a lot of your own stuff going on! x