Monday, 22 October 2012

Nova Scotia Interiors

My closest regional town is Dubbo, so I probably make the trip about once every two months. I haven't been for ages, due to online shopping being so convenient and hassle free.

My air-con in my car broke down and we suffered the heat for two weeks until I could lock it in for a service. This usually requires an early morning dash to Dubbo to leave it at the mechanics as early as possible. The worst thing about it is leaving my car is
a.  not having anywhere to put my stuff.
b. lugging it around with a cranky toddler all day until it is fixed.

I have used taxis in the past when I had important appointments, but it was a pain as Dubbo is a really spread out town.

This time, I asked for a courtesy car.

I thought it would be money well spent, as the pain of only doing a quarter of my jobs and rushing once I got my car back is just not worth it.

It was a little hybrid Camry.

Yeah, you wouldn't miss me hooning around Dubbo in this thing with the many advertising stickers.

When I turned it on I couldn't even hear it, and this one had a button start too. Excuse my lameness, but I had to get a quick lesson on how to turn the car on!

So once we figured out the car, I got on with buying cricket gear, joggers, special swimming gear. (Who knew swimming was such as expensive sport )!

Anyway, I found this lovely shop downtown.

Nova Scotia Interiors

There is an absolute drought of beautiful homewares and furniture shops in Dubbo, so this is a treasure!

Lets take a look inside.....

Love this mirror, can see it hanging over my fireplace.

Gorgeous furniture, great homewares.

Lots of black and white with touches of silver. Love it all!

The lights are to die for.

Christmas display in the window, lovely!

Plenty of Villa Maison furniture. This cabinet is awesome!

Love a black library with ladder. The styling in this shop is really well done too.

Squishy comfy lounge.

Loving the white wicker furniture. I think it would look great on my verandah when it is done!


I think I love everything in this shop. I did buy some choice items too, I will post that later. I think I know what I want for Christmas..... Everything in this shop!

Pineapple lamp!

I love it, but there was only one in store and it didn't have a shade yet.

As I was lapping the shop while the little Grub was happy in the playroom, I spotted my accountant coming in from out the back. She is a part owner. I told her how awesome I thought it was, and how Dubbo was in desperate need of a beautiful shop like this.

There is a website...

I think I might be popping in again next time I go that way again!


  1. Mel@Georgica Pond25 October 2012 at 23:26

    Who knew you could find such a treasure in Dubbo. Looks wonderful. My kind of shop!

    1. I thought you would like it Mel! I have been waiting a long time for a shop like this to open up in town.

  2. My hubby can do locums all around the country, and we plan to use them as paid holidays (for me and the kids), and Dubbo seems to come up quite often. We may have to do it just so I can visit that store. Gorgeous. I'll let you know if we get there so you can give me a heads up on what's good to see in Dubbo. K (The Blog a House Built).
    PS: Love your blog and added it to my blog list, it's lovely.

    1. You should do that KAR! Dubbo is a great town with lots of things to go see in surrounding areas too.

      Thanks for your nice comments too, and it is sweet of you to add me to your blogroll, I am adding yours to mine too. x