Monday, 20 August 2012

Let me introduce you.....

Let me introduce you to my boys.....

I have been wrestling with the decision to include my boys on the blog as I am a pretty private person.

I don't want them to feel like they are being exploited when they are older. So I have been in two minds about sharing their cute faces with everyone! The limitations on what I will post are always changing with how I feel about the Internet and what it means in the future. I am a worrier, and I will always try to protect their privacy first. But at the same time, my boys are the biggest part of my life, so it wouldn't be honest if I didn't include them here sometimes.

So here we go!

This is Harry.

Harry is always sensible and well-behaved. Always reading books or anything he can get his hands on. Great sense of humour in a dry sort of way. Ever the big brother who explains life to his younger brothers. Sometimes he tries to parent them with his words of wisdom. Always a joy to have around!

This is Fred.

Fred is a free spirit who is an enigma to me. I still haven't figured out what makes him tick. He can be wild and funny, but at the same time sensitive and kind. He changes like the wind. I call him my wild rabbit.

And this is Neil.

Neil is our bonus baby. I wanted a third, but I was in two minds about it and he made the decision for me. He is just the cuddliest, easiest little grub I have ever seen. He does get spoilt by his big brothers too as they are a bit older than him. I am enjoying watching his personality grow every day.

They are funny little people.

So there you have it...... My boys in a few sentences!

I spend my time chasing them, feeding them and running them to sport usually. They have a pretty good time and they love running about on our farm. I feel lucky that they will have the same childhood as I did. Free to do whatever and run wherever they like.

This is some of the stuff they got up to on the weekend.

Built roads for their cars in the dirt. We have been placing dirt in all the low areas and holes in the garden after all the electrical work. I have been levelling it all out with the shovel, and there was a bit left over that the boys have been using as a play spot for their cars. They can spend hours building roads and homes in the dirt.

They climb trees too. Fred is camouflaged in this tree.

They have a great time doing whatever they like.

Our weekends like this are precious, as we are usually doing sport that takes us all over the place. It is nice just to hang around and let the boys be little boys while they can. I am not a massive fan of going places every weekend, I am a bit of a homebody.

Do you ever want to stop your kids in time or rewind moments like me?


  1. Nice to meet the boys. I have two bonus babies! And oh wow - my boys would kill for this much space and a road like that for their cars. We are in a 3 bedroom apartment at the moment - I don't know who is suffering more - me or the kids. xx

  2. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in an apartment with boys! There would be trips to the park every single day for you. When we go anywhere that is confined these boys go a bit crazy, as they just aren't used to it!