Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Chanel and skulls

I went down to Sydney at Easter time this year, and as I always do, I go shopping!

I spend as many of my waking hours pounding the pavement, checking out all the Westfields, stickybeaking to my heart's content.

And usually I am a boring shopper. I buy boring things in shades of navy and black. I buy the same coloured lipsticks that I am used to every time.

I thought it was time for a change.....

So I went red.

I hopped over to the Chanel counter in DJ's and looked fairly clueless when I said I wanted to try a red lippie. I was told to sit down and let them work their magic.

I felt strange having such bright lips after I left there, but pleased that I wasn't going to have any chance of bumping into people I know too.

It takes bravery to wear the red.

I ended up with the lippie and a lip pencil. I declined the blusher - and I should of bought it too. I now forget which one it is called now.

The Chanel lady threw in some perfume samples too, which was nice.

I also looked at Peeptoe for some ballet flats and they didn't have my size. So I was picking up and playing with all the pretty sparkly things in there and I kept going back and playing with this skull bracelet.

It's so heavy and chunky and I spent about half an hour figuring out if I could wear it without looking like a gothic tryhard with my red lippie.

Somehow I justified it. and the skull bracelet was mine.

You know what? I still havn't worn them as I am too shy yet. To tell the truth too, I havn't found an occasion worthy of the red lippie and the skulls yet. I will just do it one day, perhaps to soccer or reading groups - ha!

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