Thursday, 1 August 2013


I love succulents!  They are fairly tough, drought tolerant, can be easily propagated from cuttings, and they usually look good year-round.

Some gardeners don't really like cacti and succulents, but I think they certainly have their place. Especially in my garden where it can be incredibly hot in summer. Plants need to be tough to survive our inland Australian summers.



succulents in eggshells - cute!

 Colours of the rainbow

There are plenty of ways to display succulents, you can make a succulent ball like this one. This looks fabulous and not too hard!

Make a succulent ball
Make a succulent ball

Some look like ocean coral
You could grow them vertically in a frame like this. Easy care garden!

They can grow vertically too like these ones in wooden frames
Gorgeous and hardy in pots

love the contrast and variety of these in the garden

How about a whole garden of succulents?

So Beautiful.

If you aren't too impatient, you could collect loads of cuttings and plant in mini pots as bonbonniere or party favours. Not an expensive gift, but lots of impact!

They make wonderful wedding gifts

mini wedding cakes for guests

Wedding bouquet

So what do you think?

I love a few succulents in my garden, they seem to be the only thing that has done well in our last scorching summer. I am always propagating more to add to my collection too.

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I will be giving my backyard a much needed blitz these next few weeks. It is looking rather sad and neglected and spring is just around the corner - warmer weather to look forward to!

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