Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The dining table

Thank you all for your nice comments yesterday about Ted, I thought I had better put a post up that I meant to before he died. So moving on........

I found a dining setting on Gumtree a few weeks ago. Not many antiques come up in my area very often, and none that are as nice or in as good condition as this. It was a real find!

Anyway, I saw it and made a mental note to show my husband, as he is into nice antiques. And of course with hectic life stuff happening I forgot about mentioning it again.

We were in Sydney and I mentioned my find as we were talking about going for a look at some antique shops while we were down there. We never found enough time (like always) and I really don't relish dragging the boys around shops that have precious items in them (good as the boys are usually).

Anyway, I mentioned that I found this huuuuge mahogany table with matching chairs on Gumtree. He had a look and I called the number. Turns out it was from friends of ours locally and they couldn't fit it in their new home. So I went out and had a look.

We thought it was stunning. And worth every cent.

We collected it ourselves and because it was so heavy, it takes about 4 men to lift the table, even without the leaves in.

Here she is in extended glory!

It's a 10 seater solid mahogany table with 10 balloon back upholstered chairs. I love it a lot!

The upholstery is in mint condition. Floral grandma fabric isn't really my style, but it isn't offensive to me so I will keep it until I (save up) to reupholster. I think re upholstery/flash fabric would probably cost more than an arm and a leg, so at the moment it will stay.

I should have moved the ironing board before taking a pic.

I love the detail on all the legs.

fits in the room quite well.

The carvers are divine.

The whole setting is in amazing condition and it looks like someone had it in their "good" dining room and probably never used it. Not many people have the room for such a big piece, So I am glad it fits really well in my dining room.

I kept my old Harvey Norman table we bought when we first married for everyday use in the kitchen. The boys will be able to sit here when I get some sort of protective tablecloth for it.

I just can't stop looking at the shine and feeling the silky smooth top.

I know dark antique furniture is pretty outdated at the moment for most people, but I am not like most people. Beach style and Hampton's style, as much as I like it doesn't really suit my house in the country. Even this table feels slightly out of place, like it should be in some stately home in Melbourne. But it fits, I love it and we will use it all the time.

The buffet in the background is matching to my old table, I am figuring out what to do as they don't really gel together. If you want to know what the paint colours are they are Dulux Grand Piano (full strength) on the walls. Taubmans Iron Gate on the bank of built ins. The trim and door is Taubmans white. The floors are original floorboards of the house and they have been sanded, but not sure what stain was used. They are a matte finish.

I am pleased that I found a full set, often with old furniture the chairs are missing.

Whichever child of mine gets my house in the future, the table will  have to come with it. No one will be able to move it without a hassle.


  1. the timber buffet doesn't match in in current state, but why not either paint it a colour that you like or re stain it? Am thinking the a colour would be easier! It would make the lovely lead light doors stand out more, as well as the handles etc.

  2. OMG where exactly did you find that.........

  3. I absolutely LOVE that dining setting! I really, really like dark coloured timbers, I honestly don't know why people have such a problem with brown these days. It's such a beautiful, rich colour. Excellent find, no wonder you love it so much.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love a good bit of dark wood too. I was lucky to find it so close to home too!

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