Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sydney again

We had a quick trip to Sydney again.

This time we all went down as H had an interview for boarding school. It was a rushed trip, but we were lucky that we had a pupil-free day at home on Friday, so at least they didn't miss too much schoolwork.

Took a drive out to Watson's Bay for a look while we were waiting around.

I don't do a lot of city driving and I basically get to the place we stay and use public transport and walk everywhere. I am not a great driver in Sydney, so I have been practising getting around the Eastern Suburbs a bit.

 I find that I can drive across using the Cross City Tunnel, and it is pretty straightforward. But I always end up in the wrong lane coming back, and nearly taken over the harbour bridge when I do.

It must be a Derek Zoolander thing, he can't turn left, and I can't get in the right lane I need!

The Lighthouse at Watson's Bay looking from The Gap

Check this pretty house out!

This one looks out over the ocean at The Gap. Such a beautifully restored home. Some of the houses around there aren't as pretty as this one, but they all have magnificent views!

Oh yes - I'll take it!


The weather in Sydney was stunningly warm and beautiful for July. The day we left it was back to normal wintery temps.

We had one day to ourselves to do something fun for the boys, so down we went to Darling Harbour to find something to do.

Darling Harbour is probably the best place you can go in Sydney with kids. There is plenty of space for them to run around, great playgrounds and nice cafes and restaurants too. It is basically "Our park" when are there due to the close proximity of where we stay.

There is lots of free things to do that won't break the bank, so if you pack a picnic it won't cost you an arm or a leg.

I think N ran up and down into this fountain about a thousand times.

There is a great playground there which is always a hit.

Sometimes it can be pretty busy, so pick a weekday to go.

Someone is pleased about going in the people mover train!

It's an expensive novelty to go on the train, but it is worth it's weight in gold when you have tired little ones who tell you "My legs are broken" when they just can't walk anymore.

We did the Sydney Aquarium this time. Most times we go to Sydney we go and do one museum or we do a big day out like Luna Park. The rest of the time we take the boys ten pin bowling or laser skirmish. They have good stuff like that upstairs in Harbourside.

I love the Aquarium! Have been quite a few times. I went when I was a kid when it was relatively new and the boys have been a couple of times. Little N was pretty excited because he had never been there before and the sharks were top of his list.

The Dugong

Can't get over how much lettuce the dugongs were eating. They hoovered that stuff up all day, We were there for hours and they ate the whole time.

Pretty tropical fish in the Great Barrier Reef exhibition

The scary sharks

Touch pools

The touch pools are pretty good. That corkscrewy seaweedy thing in the bottom right is a shark egg!


The boys called this one the chainsaw fish.



Fish are so relaxing to look at aren't they?

We packed in some fun, some movies and coffee time. And when I am away, I don't cook. So a few nights out for dinner too. No time for shopping though!
Lovely to get away somewhere completely opposite for a change.
Back into real life now with more football, soccer and lots of work waiting for me to get stuck into.
Have you ever been to the Sydney Aquarium,?
Do you like Darling Harbour, or do you think it is too touristy?




  1. How did the interview go? Scots? Have you made up your mind? Education is such a headache, you just want to know you got it right don't you. I'm very pleased with the school we have chosen, and all going to plan the kids can stay there till year 12. That park at darling harbour is fabulous isn't it.

    1. Hi Polly, the interview was pretty good/hard as in my boy was thrown an easy question and then a hard one and it went on like that the whole time. I was shaking like a leaf afterwards, just because it was nerve-wracking. I think it is going to be the pick of the schools, but it is a 7 hour drive away and that means a lot when your baby is away in year 7. So perhaps a school 3 hours away may be better? Unsure, and need to check out the other one before we make a decision.

      Thanks for your comment Polly, it means a lot! x

  2. glad you had a good trip - Love Watsons Bay. not so keen on Darling Harbour but it's good for fireworks and a wander. good luck for the school process. Fiona x