Friday, 16 August 2013

Once in a lifetime.....

Any Rugby Union fans out there?

As a mum to three boys I have watched many football games in the past, and I see plenty more in my immediate future too. There really is no escaping it!

In our small town sport is what brings us all together as a community, and it gives all the kids something to do on the weekends to keep them occupied. It gets parents out and about socially when events are few and far between. And a welcome break from the daily grind on the farm.

In short, sport is pretty important and a life essential out here.

Our Rugby club is a little parent run organisation. The coaches are all volunteers, and we just do Rugby carnivals. We aren't in a points competition as there isn't any clubs around close enough to play with. So we travel a fair distance to play, and have three games each time we play to make it more worthwhile. It's nice when you can catch up with people you havn't seen in ages from other towns you don't get to go to very often. We have met other people through Rugby and it is great for our kids to mix with other kids.

Oh and the other bonus is that they learn how to play Rugby and grow their confidence before they hit high school and want to play with their mates.

Anyway, to cut to the chase......

Our club was nominated to be included as the guard of honour for the Wallabies at the Bledisloe Cup tonight! It is pretty exciting, and one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that never come along. Especially when Australia is looking to break the long drought of having the Bledisloe Cup back from the All Blacks (New Zealand) hands. If you are overseas and wondering what the hell I am going on about it is basically the biggest game in Australian Rugby for the year.  

Probably will be as close to the Wallabies as H will ever get too!

They basically stand there looking proud and clapping or waving flags and high-fiving as the Wallabies run onto the field. They stay on the field for the national anthems and The Haka. And then they get to go back to their seats to watch the game. It is really quite exciting and fabulous for these boys from their tiny club in the sticks!

So H and my husband went down to Sydney yesterday. They flew down so they would have more time to play in Sydney without the long drive making them tired. It's H's early birthday present going on the plane and having a Dad/Son weekend too. So that worked in quite well!

They have already been shopping (for football gear), went out for dinner at Darling Harbour, eaten lots of seafood and caught up with some friends too. Today they caught up with some of the boys who are in the team, and they did laser skirmish and ten pin bowling to wear them out. And one of those metre long pizzas went down a treat! As it will be a late night, my husband was hoping to wear H out so he would have a really big afternoon nap before the excitement.

One of my husband's friends is in the television hosting business, and he said he is mates with the guy who does all the camera work at the Rugby. He is going to try to put as much camera time on our little bush team as much as he can. So I will be at home watching with little F and little N waiting to see their brother's smiling face tonight!

So exciting!


  1. What a thrill this will be for him! I bet he is soooo excited and what a fabulous what to spend father/son time. This will be one trip he will never forget. xx

  2. Fantastic, how exciting for him! We have the game on now, it's half-time, wish I'd read your blog earlier! I'd have paid more attention!

    1. It was a fleeting couple of seconds on tv. I recorded it so he can see it when he gets home. x

  3. My husband I moved to Palestine about a year ago so I was checking out some Australian blogs to remind me of home... and I could not believe it when I stumbled across yours, because I'm pretty sure you live in the same town I used to, before we headed half way across the earth! My husband was a teacher in the local high school. We both miss it a lot there. If it is the place I'm thinking of, say hi to Al in the cafe from his friends in Palestine! :) and beautiful blog by the way.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for your nice comment! I know Al well, and I am sorry I never met you while you were here in town. It really is a great place to live! I bet it is a totally different world over there - I will go and say hi on your blog soon. :)

  4. I missed the football altogether...........:( I wanted to see them.......