Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas is coming

How did it come around so quick?

I am not really organised, and before I knew it, it is here!

The boys put up the Christmas tree and I have been going full Clark Griswold with the lights. I tried last year to do lights on my pergola, but I don't think I thought it through properly, as half of them fell down in the wind and I ended up with black electrical tape everywhere.

So this year I discovered cable ties. I know, how on earth did it take me so long? And I discovered that if they aren't long enough, you can add another one on so you get the right length - revolutionary!

The things you learn in the hardware shop!

I spent all of last night putting them up, I love them - just like my own little fairyland.

I only wish that I could finish painting the pergola, it is too hot now - will have to wait until next autumn. S

LED lights are amazing, and are low on power usage aren't they?

Our tree is one I bought when H was about 2. It has been fairly good, but the plastic needles are starting to fall off everywhere.
I'm not really into chopping down a tree just for Christmas. And our pine trees are a bit ratty with the dry anyway.

I have been making clay tags at my ceramics class lately, I made so many my tree has a lot of weight to hold with those tags. I hand stamped the paisley design on all of them. They are really easy to make, and I have loved doing it. Great for gifts too! I am adding one to my teacher gifts this year.

I made quite a few.

I sprayed a few gold, but the paint was rubbing off them a bit. I prefer them plain anyway - much more rustic, and they feel so nice in your hand. I made a few trees too, but were a bit annoying and fiddly to do. I prefer the circle tags.

The boys have made so many cute ornaments over the years, they love pulling them out and telling me when they made them and which teacher was there at the time. I really love them!

So there you go! Christmas is coming, tree and lights are up. Now to deep clean the house and get ready to have our Christmas lunch here. This is my first go at Christmas lunch for 17 of us - wish me luck, because I will need every bit of it.

Also, if you have any favourite recipes that feed a crowd, I'd love to see them.

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