Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas and all the rest!

 Merry Christmas from Cattle and Cushions for 2013.

May 2014 be sensational for you all!

We did some family stuff on both sides in the lead up to Christmas, and hung out at my side of the family on the actual day. It was quite nice to not have to travel anywhere, and we have been pretty relaxed since the big family dinners are now over for another year.

Travelling was totally out of the question for us in the thick of these hot, dry times unless everyone came to us. And it was really nice to hang in the pool and lie about in the air-con for a few days. And it was too hot to do anything else anyway. Had a couple of days where it got to 40 degrees and the cold climate relatives could really feel the heat here.

I was lucky enough to score this gorgeous marble cheese board and beautiful bowls to go with it. I found the Brahman placed on there by the little one. He loves his farm set and he is always playing little games with trucks and animals.

Also scored some home grown organic garlic from my Sister-in-law. She has an amazing vegie patch at her house.

And the garlic is amazing!

Love my lights!

Everyone brought the food, and it was so amazing! Turkey, ham and salads were the order of the day. Too hot for a full hot lunch out here!

The younger kids had their own table.

I made half a ham just for us on Christmas Eve. It is a Bourbon glazed ham. Just so I don't have to cook for the next week or so. I predict in two more days everyone will start jacking up on another ham meal, so I am milking it as much as I can!

More ham anyone?

This was our esky after two days of solid Christmassing.  It was chock-a-block when we filled it. I think we bought a bit too much grog, but New Year will soon be upon us anyway. Detox will be on it's way then when the guilt sets in!

Merry Christmas everyone and hope your holidays were full of food, fun and copious amounts of champagne!


  1. Christmas sounds great..........see you in the New year............

  2. hey lost your email...........are you kid free on Saturday???