Monday, 4 November 2013

Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day, where the race that stops a nation is happening right on school pick up time.

Hence why I don't watch the race until the 6.00pm news. I am recording it for my husband as he is mustering cattle and I will be at swimming lessons for little N.

I remember when I was working in town (before children) it was a fun day where we bought the paper and studied the form and I would go down to the TAB to place bets for everyone in the office.

We would shut the office and go around to one of our co-workers homes to drink champagne and watch it on TV.

One year we all went to the pub to see the big race. It was always fun and when we had to return to the office, we would giggle until 5pm from the champers. and head back to the pub for a bit more weeknight fun. Those were the days!

Nowadays, I don't really do anything for cup day except watch fashions on the field if I am home and watch a replay. That's it!

Once the boys are older I probably will make it the the cup one day, but until then I will be content with watching it on telly.

I'm not really into the horses, but I do love the fashions! Here is a great timeline of past winners of the fashions on the field. Check it out!

60's style


70's style

80's flair for fashion


Last year's winner.

It's all too fabulous!

Are you doing anything exciting for Melbourne Cup Day?


  1. As a primary school teacher, my working day memories of The Cup are of excited children who had no idea of what was really going on...we always watched the race on TV, 100 odd children and a couple of teachers crowding and into the few classrooms that had them! I always envied the mum's who could attend the celebrations but even as a working Mum it still eluded me. I've had a few memorable cup days; long lunches with great girlfriends...can't remember much about the gee gees! Love seeing all the fashion of the day, later televised as you do. One day I'd love to have the Melbourne full sensory experience!

    1. I rememer when we used to watch it before the end of the school day, with everyone crammed into the library so we could all watch it. Now that it is bang on 3.00pm, the kids don't see it despite their classes having sweeps for chocolate bars. I think a trip to Melbourne would be fabulous!