Sunday, 14 July 2013

Zumbo goodies

I road tested Adriano Zumbo's macarons the other day. I saw a packet in the supermarket when his range for Greens first came out, so I bought the salted caramel macarons. I put the packet in the pantry and I left it there for a few months. I know macarons can be quite fiddly, so I waited until I had time in the school holidays to give it a go.

They are smaller than the macarons you see in the shops, I don't know something was amiss with my cooking, or they are actually mini-macarons.

As you can see, they turned out alright. I was really quite surprised too, because there are so many variables when making these little treats. You do have to follow the instructions carefully. I am a pretty slap-dash cook, so I watched these babies like a hawk!

I would probably give them a go again, they are something you really have to want to set the time aside for. And you will cry if they are eaten in one fell swoop, because of the many steps involved in the process. I may make them again for a special occasion, and I will do double quantities and have a production line going because they are much smaller than store bought Zumbarons.
Wedgwood Jasper Conran "Chinoiserie" entree plate and espresso mug

Really nice with a cup of Nespresso on/in my favourite china.

In other Zumbo related news.....
Little F and I went to confirmation for the children in his class who were going through the process. We aren't Catholic, but we were there to support the other kids and the non Catholics did some special little jobs for the church service.
F received some rosary beads and a special certificate, He was pretty chuffed!
But he was more excited to play on the play equipment with his friends at his school in the night.
The confirmation celebration cake was made by Adriano since his nephew was one of the candidates for confirmation. So it was pretty exciting!
And there were macarons too!
So much yum!
 It was one of his famous V8 cakes. So many layers of yum!
Gorgeous cake isn't it? And the flower is white chocolate.
The macarons were caramel, raspberry and coconut. And the ones that look like they have crushed nuts on them were actually buttery popcorn flavour.
The popcorn ones were my favourites, they are to die for!
Zumbo is bringing out a new flavour of macaron soon - redskin flavour!
How I know this?
Adriano's dad said he peeled a bucket of redskins while he picked up all the goodies from his shop. Took him a long time too, as we all know how hard redskins are to peel!
I'll finish up this post with some random flowers I found in the old cottage garden. Jonquils must be the toughest bulb in the world to survive 60 years without any care. And they keep popping up every winter!
The pink cyclamen is still going strong.
The red one I bought at the same time a few months ago turned it's toes up and died for no apparent reason. So I need to find another to match this one for the other planter.
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'til next time.....


  1. Wow! Your macarons look awesome! I think I'll have to give them a try. Love the jonquils, too, so pretty.

  2. Oh wow! I've been wanting to try that packet mix. Thanks for the review. You did a great job! I'll have to give it a go once I have a kitchen again. How amazing does that cake look? Lucky you!