Monday, 29 April 2013

Holiday fun

It has been a while since we went away for a break from normal life. So when we saw a week in the School holidays where we could run away to the city, we grabbed it with both hands.

City of choice...... Sydney!

We try to get down a couple of times a year, but every time we think we can get there, something happens back here. So I was really surprised when I realised the last time we were down was last Easter holidays. A whole year ago!

I have people ask me "So what do you do in Sydney for a whole week?"

I answer - "Everything!"

The view from Milson's Point

When we got up on our first morning we had bouts of pouring rain with showering most of the day. It had us wishing it was falling at home instead. We decided to run to the Powerhouse museum in the rain so we could get the boys out of the unit.

Mostly, my boys are quite well behaved. But when they are confined in a small unit for too long the running and tackling games start. So it is best to get them out of there by 9am before the people on the floor below start complaining about the baby elephants in the unit above.

The Powerhouse Museum is always a hit and not too far from our spot we stay at. There is always something new  to see, and the boys still like the old favourites (planes, trains etc.)

If you have little tots "Wiggles World" is a great place for the littlies too.

Out the front of Luna Park

Luna Park on day two.

We have been meaning to take the boys to Luna Park every time we came down this way, but we just haven't found the time until now.

We picked a beautiful day for it and being a Monday, it wasn't too crowded.

My advice, don't go until your kids are fairly old as the rides have some heavier height restrictions than the theme parks on the Gold Coast.

H could go on everything by himself. F was restricted and on some rides he had to have a parent go on with him. N was the same, but he only just made it into F's height category.

Also, if you take your own food, there is a lovely picnic area at the back of the park. We should of done this, even though the food is pretty good and normal Sydney prices.

The ferry back home is always a nice way to end the day. And for us it is a novelty to catch a ferry on Sydney Harbour.

The Sydney Opera House

The light at that time of the day just kills me. So pretty! It really is the best harbour city in the world in my humble opinion.

Hyde Park

After a busy day we didn't stop moving and walking around. The Australian Museum was calling and we caught the Alexander the Great exhibition while it was still on. It was absolutely amazing! So much to look at and to take in. We spent hours reading about all the exhibits and discovering treasures.

The kids love this museum, and there are DINOSAURS and plenty of taxidermy if that is what you are into.

The city looking from Darling Harbour, so pretty at night

Some of the other things we did.......

Caught up with friends at Darling Harbour for a gorgeous dinner overlooking the city at night.

Ate Wagyu at a pub around the corner from us. Melt in the mouth steaks to be had there.

My boys helped out in a friend's shop making fairy floss for the Darling Harbour tourists.

The boys went to the Dragon's Vs Roosters game on Anzac Day.

I saw some of the Anzac day march in the city with little N. I was rather moved and just so proud to see so many people remembering the fallen.

Also, I got ONE WHOLE DAY to myself to go shopping for myself. I could have been seen skipping down the road when I left the boys that morning!

New shoes

I actually wore a hole in my last two pair of ballet flats, so I stocked up again. Bras - oh so exciting to be fitted properly! And to have the time to buy them without a little one hanging off my leg.

Yes, it was rather exciting!

It was really nice to get home so I could water my dry old garden too.

I must of had such a great time on our holiday that I forgot to send the boys back to school today. I thought it was a pupil free day today and I was wrong! Cue a quick mad dash to pack lunches and find ties to wear.

I don't go down for a whole year and then I go twice in the space of two weeks. Yes, I am back down this week to do a few errands. Insane times!

At least I will be able to check out the new Pottery Barn and the rest while I am there!


  1. Great post. Looks like you had a wonderful break.

  2. Wow, I am so envious of your shopping day...what a luxury! Love the shoes, especially the leopard print. I am definitely a fan. What a lovely holiday, and so funny you forgot about school! Bet your kids would have been rapt :)

  3. Wow, a whole day to yourself, I'll bet that was hard to handle :)

  4. I agree - it is the best harbour city! I used to live in Mosman, and have very fond memories of catching the ferry across the harbour to work and walking down to Balmoral to laze on the beach during the Summer months. Sounds like you all had a fabulous time. xx

  5. We love to have a holiday in Sydney too, so much for the kids to do. We stayed in Manly for a week in November and the kids loved it. So very jealous of your day shopping but I'm certain it was well deserved.