Tuesday, 2 April 2013


So once in a while I browse Gump's when I want some eye candy and I feel like doing a bit of time-wasting on the Internets.

A gorgeous screen from Gump's

I first discovered this shop in a biography I was reading about Barbara Hutton. Heiress to the Woolworth fortune in the US.


Barbara was a socialite, big spender, and had 7 husbands by the time she died at the age of 66. She lived with vast amounts of money, but could never find happiness in her life. Her story is an addictive read, and you can't help but feel sorry for her, as nearly everyone in her circle takes her for a ride. And she is left truly alone, and bankrupt by the time she died.

Her story is fascinating, so go Google her when you get a chance.

Anyway, in the biography about Barbara Hutton, it told many tales of spending sprees she used to go on. One place mentioned in the book was a place in San Francisco called Gump's.

Gump's is like a massive store with pretty much anything you can think of that is pretty. They sell homewares, clothing and even fine jewellery. A lot of their stuff is chinoiserie style and Barbara was a huge fan of anything Asian inspired.

I wondered if the store was still still trading? So I googled it a year ago. It is online, they do shipping US wide. But you can get a quote for international shipping. I guess it would probably be quite expensive for us in Australia - but it is still a lovely site to window shop.

Here is the link to Gump's http://www.gumps.com/

I can never get enough of ginger jars, and this one is fabulous with orange accents!

Graphic rugs to boot.

A blown glass decoration, no idea what it is - but would look fab on your console table.

Yes, plenty of Chinese garden stools

Furniture I love. A lot of their stuff is very Orient House.

I could find a spot.....

I am always on the hunt for lovely bathroom accessories. Don't ask me why, but I am obsessed with finding the perfect bin, tissue box holder, soap dish etc.

Love these marble ones!

They even sell funky shoes.

Jewels anyone?

It is one of those places I can spend a day browsing. I would love to check it out in person one day. That would require a big trip to San Francisco with lots of suitcases! I think Barbara was on to something when she said it was one of her favourite stores.

Do you think anyone in Aus could import some of this stuff as cheaply as them?

It's quite ridiculous as I have been eyeing off a magnolia wreath (fake and made in Australia by an Aussie company) and I sourced one at Gump's for half the price that the Aussie company shipped over to San Fran, and then in our retailers it is double the price! Insane!!! And it definitely was the same brand and supplier.

I am really surprised that the writers of the Forrest Gump movie didn't claim that Forrest established it...... Like the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.


Enjoy the eye candy! I wish I knew how to make the pictures bigger without making them grainy. Sorry about that, I will learn one day.

Jo xx

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