Saturday, 4 May 2013

Another trip to Sydney

I got back from Sydney last night.

I have a million things to do today, so I really shouldn't be blogging right now. I should be rectifying my mountain of washing, doing my overdue BAS, cleaning the green algae filled pool and getting on with painting the meathouse.

Also, I have to help my son with writing a speech for school and helping my other son with some NAPLAN revision work.

Insane times!

My week started off with my very first red-hot go at being canteen mum for the day. So while I was trying to take all the information and not stuff it up in the process, I was wishing I was home to pack up and do stuff before the long drive to Sydney the next day.

Canteen was good, and I was lucky it was a quiet day and I only forgot to put one pie on (which was quickly microwaved without a drama).

Next morning I drove to Sydney with my oldest son H for an entrance exam for a school that we are hoping to send him to in year 7. He will be boarding there and I booked him in when he was about 6 months old. I heard that it is quite hard to get in as there are so many people vying for spots and the demand is quite high.

So, I am not the best driver in Sydney. I have no idea where I am going most of the time. We usually drive to our spot where we stay and walk/catch trains/monorail everywhere.

This was a test for me, to see if I could drive to Sydney all by myself and also to get to the prospective school on time.

I woke at 3.00 that morning too jived up to sleep anymore, lucky I had a good book with me to keep me company!

I decided that we would get up at 6.00am. We were ready to go by 6.45 and I thought we should get going as I didn't know my way around well. I thought if I got lost, I would have time up my sleeve.

I had plenty of (too much really) time up my sleeve. We arrived there with an hour to spare! So we had a wander around before the exam.

The view of Sydney Harbour is magnificent from the oval. I had been there once before for a friends wedding about 12 years ago, I had not had a proper tour of the school though. So H was taken away for his 3 hour exam and I was taken to an auditorium to the parents presentation.

I was very impressed with all that I saw that day. It is an impressive school anyway, there is so much that they can do there, and so many opportunities to excel in so many things. It was quite fabulous!

It is my pick so far. I have not looked at the other school we thought may be a good fit for our boys as yet. But I don't think you can really compare the two. I sort of wish that I had not had a good look around now, since it is like drinking Vueve Cliquot for the first time, and then having to go back to drinking XXXX Gold.

Very expensive school, but absolutely the best I have seen. H was fairly blown away by it all. Just the size is mind blowing, a bit different to our cute little school at home.

After his test, I thought that since we came all that way we should go and look around ourselves. I met up with a couple of other people from the country who were there for the exam too, and we gave our boys a tour of the boarding house.

There are only about 30 boarders in year 7 which makes it feel lovely and like a family setting. And they are fussed over a bit in their first year to let them adjust (and parent too).

It was a lovely day!

We will see what happens, if we can do this for our boys or not.

I managed to get lost coming back though, I got in the wrong lane in the tunnel and ended up taking the scenic route trying to not be swept onto the Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge. Somehow it worked out....

We then (H an myself) went to check out the new Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn Kids stores that had opened that day.

I missed all the fanfare of the opening time and Barry O'Farrell's appearance too. And I missed all the bloggers who have been so excited about this launch for months too.

Anyway, the store was packed at 4.00pm when we arrived. I was quite impressed and bought a few towels from Pottery Barn Kids and I got the monogrammed. They were a day behind, so they said they would send them out to me free of shipping costs.

I might do a post on PB by itself later.

Soccer, birthday parties and a trillion tonnes of washing to put away today. Looking forward to a quiet Sunday for sure!

Off to bed now.......


  1. hi Jo, I went to Kambala and had a lot to do with Scots and our good friends have just started their son there as a Year 5 day boy. I think you won't go wrong! and yes the view is so beautiful especially from the oval. Hope you enjoyed your trip even if it was rushed - i haven't been to Pottery Barn yet - will have to get there someday. cheers Fiona

    1. I would love to have the $$$ to send my boys right through from Prep to year 12!

      If I had a girl, she would go to Kambala also. It is a fantastic school and you must of loved it too. My husband went to Scots in his last couple of years and loved it - that is why it is my first choice of school. Only one downer - it is so, so expensive. Especially to put three through.

      If we decide to send our boys there, my boy will be in the same year as your friend's boy when he starts in year 7.

      Pottery Barn - lovely shop, great accessories, not as cheap as the States.

      I think your furniture has much more character than PB's. xx

    2. thank you so much Jo about the furniture comment - that is lovely. I know what you mean about the money for schools. so damn expensive and will only rise - IO blogged about Kambala a little while ago mainly to thank my parents for paying the fees. it was such a good experience going to school there. You will never regret paying the money. My dad says that to us.
      take Care, Fiona

  2. Hi Jo, I have just recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it. We have been in your shoes, trying to decide on what school to send our three children to as well. Newington and PLC are my husbands family schools, but as we live just out of Bathurst we chose to send them to SCOTS. We have never regretted the decision, and yes sacrifices have been made so that all three could go from Preprep to year 12 but one we have never regretted! Good luck with the decision making and hope your young chap does well. Fiona is right you will never regret paying the money. Hope you don't mind me putting my 2cents worth in, but I have been in your shoes and you worry if you are doing the right thing by your kids. I love reading about your life so keep the blogs coming!
    Regards, Tracey

  3. Thanks Tracey, what a lovely comment you have left me!

    Thankyou for your input, I love talking about this issue as it is something we country people have to deal with, so I love hearing how people come to the decision of which school and where. There are so many factors in play, and it is something that keeps me awake at night wondering how we will send all three away from year 7. My husband went to Scots Bathurst and Sydney and they were both wonderful experiences.

    BTW, I can't see your blog. I click on your name and two blogs come up, but nothing showing. Are you private? I can't see another blog I follow also, so perhaps it is my end?

  4. Hi Jo, no it's not at your end I am just a blog reader or stalker as my daughter tells me. I enjoy reading about other peoples lives and homes and finding new ideas for decorating my home.
    Regards Tracey

    1. What a good idea! I should been doing that while I was checking out (stalking) blogs trying to remember the names of my favourites and googling away, I am a L plater through and through! x

  5. Just found your blog and this post struck a cord. We are on a property (cropping though) in WA and are at the boarding school exploring stage. Like yours both my kids were enrolled at birth. After lots of thought our son will probably go where my husband went and my daughter to my old school. Not for traditional reasons but rather as they are both excellent still and would suit our individual kids. (And so expensive that even the miniscule old girls/boys discount will help! - lots of sacrifices to be made here I think in years to come....)

    Take care.