Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Swimming boys

We had our swimming carnival yesterday.

H & F swim quite a bit usually each summer as there isn't much else to do in this heat, and they enjoy it immensely.

When I started out lessons with H he did swimsafe lessons when he was two, because I wanted him to be confident and happy about getting in the water. Also, because I am terrified that he could easily drown living here with dams and rivers everywhere. I can't swim, and my husband can't swim, and we were hell-bent on getting H swimming as soon as possible as it is just so important top prevent our kids drowning.

H actually started learning properly when he was 3. Because this is the age that they can touch the bottom of the bigger pool and they can work with a kickboard to get going.

By the time he was ready to start Kindergarten, he could swim 25 metres without stopping and doing his arms and breathing correctly.

The same story applies to F.

And now I am getting little N taught too, and he has progressed a lot this summer. He is close to putting his breathing/arms/legs together so he can swim without stopping. He just turned 4. So he is getting it together much earlier as he spends much more time in the pool than H & F did at that age.

This is mostly due to the fact H and F do stroke correction and training 3-4 times a week. And everyday in the pool mucking about at home.

Since we moved to our new house I have been terrified that N would drown because he couldn't swim at all. I was terrified that someone would leave the gate open, or he could climb in himself, so I am a bit hardcore on little N's swimming lessons.
I am still vigilant with H & F, even though they are good swimmers. Accidents can happen anytime, so I watch them all the time at home. N used to wear a bubble only a two months ago - he can swim without it now, so we are passing it on to a nephew to use.

Anyway, my ramblings have a message. And that is get your kids swimming! As soon as you can, and as often as you can. Swimming is something that needs working on all the time. And once or twice a week isn't enough time in the pool to get the little ones going, they take much longer the less you do, and it can be years for them to put it together. So do it early and do it often!

Ok, rant over - here's some pics of yesterday.

H & F went in every event yesterday. They tried their little hearts out. Surprisingly so, our little town has some amazing swimmers. Due to the time the coaches put into the kids and the kids working really hard at it. It is a great thing to see them so fit and focused.

F waiting his turn in the relay

H doing the I.M

The spoils

The boys won a few ribbons and H ended up with 11 year boys Champion trophy. They were both pretty stoked and happy with their swims. A few shaky nervous starts from H (he doesn't like pressure). But in the end they both relaxed a bit and enjoyed it all. I am pretty proud of how they have come along with swimming and I love the confidence they get from doing it. It translates through to all their other sports (fitness and strength) and school work.

I won't lie, the last few weeks has been hard for them with starting school again, and getting back into the swing of things (Cricket too). So they have been busy and tired and telling me they are sick of going to training. The weeks are long, and they have been hanging out to do the school carnival for a while, so it has been like waiting for Christmas - seems to never come quick enough.

Now they can swim to save themselves, they can give it up if they choose and I will be fine with it. I can relax knowing if they want to waterski, jetski, swim in the beach, etc. they have a good chance that they won't drown now.

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