Friday, 22 February 2013

Random stuff

Not too much going on here at the moment, boys at cricket tonight and I have a few things on my mind.

We are at the stage where we need to choose a school for our boys. Our small school in our town is such a lovely school, but it only caters until year 6. Then you either have to send your children to the local public secondary school, or send them to boarding school.

Our secondary school doesn't have the facilities and there are a few issues with it socially and academically, so boarding school from year 7 is our priority now.

We are looking at two schools so far.

One is a city school and one is in the country. They both have pros and cons when we look at them. Both are expensive. The city one is expensive in the extreme. My husband is an old boy of the city one and he loved it. Only problem, it is about $20,000 more per year than the country one.

The city one has more bursaries and scholarships on offer, but that is because they have very generous benefactors who have set up wonderful scholarships.

The country one is closer to us (travel wise) and we have family in the same town, which is a huge bonus. It is co-ed, and I am not a massive fan of co-ed in the older years.

May I remind you, we have three boys to school!

So this is weighing heavily on my mind at the moment. We are going to take a look at both schools in the next month or so, and H is sitting a scholarship exam soon.

We will have to see which school wins!

When the prospectus comes beautifully tied with a ribbon, you know you aren't in cheap fee territory.

This is my husband's old doona cover from his old school. H uses it on his bed at the moment. I think it has preppy style potential! ;)

And to finish up tonight's post  I bring you my new animal print. I thought the only ones available were the hippo and the leopard. So I found this one on Temple and Webster a few months ago, and now I am in a dilemma of having an odd number of prints to hang! I want to find another one to balance my room, or my hanging will be all wrong. First World Problem - I know.

Hope you are having a good Friday night so far!



  1. The school debate...we are not quite there yet, but it will come. We have some options in town and we quite like the school we have started our son at, bonus being it goes through to year 12. However we both went away and loved it. I guess time and $$ will tell.

  2. Oh, this sounds like such a tough (and expensive) decision. I really like the small, country schools, (esp for primary ) over the big city schools. As for high school, I think you really have to get this one right. I just couldn't imagine sending mine away, but we live in the city so I guess there's no need - but on some days the thought does cross my mind. Good luck. xx