Thursday, 7 February 2013



I know, I have been rather slack on the blog front lately. I have been chastising myself every day for not posting something interesting or pretty when I have so many posts I have created in my head.

Time to get onto it and put it out there on the 'ole bloggy!

I'll start with a catch up for you....

I left my last post before Christmas so I will take it from there.

Christmas was lovely. Saw lots of family, had lots of fun with lots of lovely relatives and I was lucky to be gifted some lovely things.

Introducing my new love...

No, not the beer. The Nespresso behind it!

Although that is another love of mine too!

Next love is this baby.

Installed just before Christmas and just in time too!

The weekend before all the air-con units went in was so damn hot. It was 43.8 degrees.  Just unbearable really. I appreciate the chilled rooms I walk into, and sleeping is easy now. So good.

We did the lounge/dining and all the bedrooms with split systems. Ended up being a better decision to go for these than one massive ducted unit for us.

I had splits at my old house and I loved them. Never had a problem with them usually, frogs and geckos are the enemy though.

Summer isn't summer without a slip-n-slide.

Summer out here isn't really nice and we have been spoilt last year as we got weeks of rain and it was pretty cool.

We knew it was back to a normal summer this time though. We had quite a few weeks of 40 degree days. One day was 47.8 degrees.

I have NEVER in my life ever seen the mercury rise so high. I couldn't imagine a day like that, and I now know what hell must feel like. We knew it was going to be a hot day so I tossed the boys into the pool at 8am. I told them to have a swim, and by 9am we were inside bunkered in. We had a cousin from a cold climate staying with us and he was feeling it. He could not get over how hot it was, and I just kept feeding him iceblocks and ice and water constantly.

It was 43 in my kitchen that day. The air-con was working hard and we hung some curtains whilst we were stuck inside.

Amazing the difference a few curtains make to the temperature of a house!

Yes, curtains are pretty expensive to buy. But the heat they cut that day more than made up for that.

I had a Birthday after Christmas and it was lovely. My favourite champers, and my new butler's tray made from local timber by a local lady! (keeping it real....keeping it real peeps).

My Birthday signalled our one year anniversary in our house. Yes, we moved in on my birthday last year! It wasn't the most fun way to spend a birthday lugging a fridge in with my husband. We moved everything ourselves over a few weeks. Backbreaking times they were!

I am glad that we moved though. We love the house, we love the pool and I love that each child has their own bedroom. And we have space to get away from each other when we want to.

Little N turned four in the holidays.

I can't believe how fast my baby boy has grown up! Time flies when you have children - that's for sure!

Seems like yesterday he decided to make a speedy entrance to the world before I could get to a well-equipped hospital!

On that note I will love you and leave you. We have had fun these holidays, swimming all the time, playing, trying to keep cattle and sheep alive. We didn't find any time to get away as it is just too hot, and cattle need to have water checked every day. So we holidayed at home this time.

I was not looking forward to having a proper routine again! I am already over packing lunches and I am looking forward to next holidays already. Jam packed weeks ahead with swimming carnivals and school things.

Are you ready for the next holidays to swing around like me?


  1. Hey there! I was wondering where you'd gotten too - glad you're back. This Summer certainly has been unreal - bush fires, souring temps, torrential rains and floods. Oh and Happy Birthday - to both of you. I'm still getting used to the school routine after the holidays and in fact we have already planned our getaway for the next school break in April. xx

  2. It as so so hot wasn't it, insane. I hope we don't have any more weeks like those few horrid ones. Welcome back.

  3. Wow that is hot! Yes I am ready for holidays again too. Nice not to have to rush every morning and I love having the boys home. x

  4. Wow that was hot, love your Nespresso.

  5. Slip-n-slide! My children love it too. Fun and cool activities like this definitely ease up the summer heat. But nothing compares to the comfort that an air conditioner can bring to a certain home. If you don't want to go outside, you can still relax at home. As long as your AC unit is working at its best, you won't have to endure the hot temperature.