Saturday, 15 September 2012


It started out as a lazy Saturday morning....

We don't have any sport for a few blissful weeks on our Saturday mornings until the next one starts, so we got up and I thought I might nip into town to a sale. The sale was all household/furniture items from deceased estates, and people just cleaning out their sheds.

I took H with me and we had a fossick around.

Sales are funny. The things you think are going to be expensive go cheaply and the things you think are piles of rubbish go for more than expected.

I had my eye on a couple of furniture items, but some were too expensive.

I spied a really beautiful hand painted Turkish plate (blue and white of course). And I had my eye on it to buy.

I won my plate, but it came with three boxes of rubbish too. I have to go through it properly, but I had a quick look this arvo, and there was a few treasures in amongst the chipped/cracked china from god knows where.

Box no 1

Box no. 2

Box no. 3

My plate!

In the background there is a glass Kosta Boda plate. I have some similar stuff to it at home. I wonder what the hell the previous owner was thinking by gluing felt to the bottom of it! I will have to scrape it off as it ruins the look of it.

I really, really love this plate! It has a hanger, so I will have to find a spot to stick it. Straight after I bought it, a lady came up and started manhandling my plate and saying how gorgeous it was, so I quickly put it in the car!

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Doulton

Yes, I had some fun. Three boxes of stuff for $15

In other news, I found a spot for my greenhouse.

I moved it and laid some leftover pavers in there.

Baby plants and cuttings

Bit of a bad pic, but you can see it is good access to the house. So I don't forget the plants.

Hope your Saturday was a lovely one!

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