Monday, 24 September 2012


The start of holidays are full of promise and lists. The boys love hanging around at home chilling out and exploring nature around the farm. I love getting stuck into the garden at this time of year too.

They checked the heifers in the morning and afternoon. Pulled their grandfather out of the river when he got bogged. They fixed the gas hot water system too.

Yes, the hot water system broke down on Saturday night and since we don't have Bunnings close by, we have been having sponge baths with cold water for two days. We will all be feeling the luxury of a long hot shower tonight. You don't realise until you are stuck without hot water how the simple act of showering can be luxurious and the best part of days end.

On their way back from the great unbogging, F spotted this lovely blue tongue lizard on the road. Quick as a flash like Steve Irwin he jumped out and cought the fast-moving reptile. Absolutely beautiful, healthy lizard.

We let him/her go in the garden.

We opened H's birthday present and gave it a go today since the wind has been blowing for a few days. Such a great thing to do in the holidays!

It went super high.

F Runs with the kite.

Little N doing the only painting I can handle. Paint with water.

I love having them all to myself for a couple of weeks to unwind. The break from doing school lunches, and the rush out the door every day is extremely welcome.

Are your holidays relaxing and lovely, or are you already counting down the days until School goes back?

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