Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sorry for the cliffhanger post and many days between updates!

No one has actually read anything on this blog yet so it feels funny speaking to an audience that isn't actually there......

I will now reveal the first thing we did to the house.

The roof.

We had to do the roof first, and we were rather worried about how much it would cost as it is such a massive area to re-roof. I love my roof! It is beautiful and white.

The colour is called "Surfmist" by Colourbond. It was a bit of an agonising choice to make because a roof is so final and hard to change colour when you change your mind. I was keen to keep a colour on the weatherboards, but my husband wanted a white house. I thought it would be too much white, and I thought I would go with a grey roof and white walls possibly.

I got my way, and decided that in our hot climate we need a white roof to reflect the heat. Surfmist is the best colour to reflect rays, so therefore the best choice for us.

We installed whirly-birds to let the trapped heat out of the roof too and got rid of the evaporative air-con, the old TV antennae and the Pay TV dish.

My husband is a bit thingy about anything on the roof as it will damage it in a storm and the weight can buckle the iron  - leaks galore.

Once we did the roof it looked like a million dollars (Without looking inside the house).

Another pic.

This is our new TV antennae. We were devastated that we had to put it on the roof so it would get a signal. I think it is Ok though. We painted the vents and the fascia as they were in desperate need of paint. The colour is Taubmans "Iron Gate". This is what I will eventually paint the exterior too.

The colour is pretty close to the original, except it is more grey.

One the weatherboards it is painted a colour called "Agapanthus". It is now discontinued. I wanted grey for ages and agonised about how dark I should go, but the painter was able to steer me in the right direction Re: fading of the paint over time.

I am so glad I picked it.

You will notice that we changed the flue on the wood heater. It was not fitting well in the chimney and there were gaps that rain could get in. So we ordered a new one and it seems to work much better.

I know very boring talking about flues and antennas!

Promise to write something interesting once I get my head around the blogging thing!


  1. It’s smart to choose white paint for your roof! Much ado has been made in recent years about the benefits of white roofs. It is proven that light-colored materials reflect heat, while dark-colored roofs absorb heat – which drives up air-conditioning consumption. Good choice!

    Willie Norman

  2. You have a lovely and spacious home. The children will surely love the freedom of being able to run around. Anyway, I agree with Will that white is a good choice as a color for your roof. And it’s not just for aesthetic purposes; white is also functional as it helps increase the energy efficiency of your home. How so? It is because white reflects heat off, which consequently reduces the heat that enters into your home. With this, your demand for your A/C will decrease, as well as your utility bill.

    Leah Clay