Thursday, 14 June 2012

The house

I thought I had better put a picture of my renovator's delight so you know what we are dealing with!

Here is my house.

Great canvas isn't it!

The house is fairly large (much larger than my last home). and it hasn't had anyone live in it for 6 years so it looks a little unloved.

We weren't going to move here as my previous house was a lovely house. It was well looked after, and done-up too, so I knew we would need a hell of a lot of cash to bring this one back from the brink of caving in. A house unattended is a house that falls apart quickly so there was a lot of damage to rectify.

We were just happy to maintain the pool and live in our other house - less worry and financial pain!

But of course the gods led us to fix it up.  Once we had a third child our nice smaller home felt a wee bit cramped for us. So off we went to raid the piggy bank to save this old girl.

Can you guess what the first thing on the reno agenda was?

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