Thursday, 28 March 2013

A pretty Easter

I love Easter inspiration!

Pretty eggs are probably my favourite thing about the holiday. Apart from the excuse Easter time give us to eat masses of chocolate!

How about this - an Easter egg tree!

Stylish Pantone colours.

Soft and Pretty.

Clay rabbits are too cute.

Someone spent a bit of time doing this!

I love eggs in nests - just gorgeous!

How about a wreath to hang on the front door?

Hundreds and thousands.

Blueberry dyed eggs.

I would love to have the time to make one of these, better get some chooks.

So pretty.

Why not an Easter tree?

Ombre eggs.

I just love Easter time!

Happy Easter everyone!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A busy week

It has been a busy one, with a road trip thrown in the middle of it all.
We headed to Bathurst where H tried out for a Diocesan Soccer team. We didn't really know what to expect on the day, but he was put in a team of boys from lots of other schools, and they were trialled to see who has amazing skills. And then, who would be picked for the team to take to State.
H plays soccer each year in winter in our small town. They don't do training, they just turn up for a game and it is pretty casual. There were lots of great players at the trials, and apparently down in those colder parts (Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange) they are fairly hardcore with large clubs of players. So competition is pretty tight!
About 100 kids played 5 short games of soccer against all the different teams hoping to get through to a possibles/probable match which would determine who would be picked for the Diocesan team.
Needless to say, we had a snowflake's chance in hell for making it further.
Basically, it was for the experience. H had a go and even tried out for a goal-keeper's position. He always likes to have a go at everything, so I am pleased he tried out. Even though it required a 4 hour drive and an overnight stay to do it all!

I thought the soccer fields were pretty picturesque, with the river nearby, and lovely big trees lining the surrounds.
H is in the blue and yellow. There were all ages from 10 years to 13 years trying out for the one team.


Lolly snakes for a tired boy.

Mount Panorama in the background of the soccer fields.

I left F at home with my husband so he could go to school. I really didn't want him to miss too much school and he would loose two days if he came for a trip. So it was just me, H and little N.

Little N missed his big brother and every time he saw a plane in the sky he kept saying "F likes the planes". "F want to see the planes" He knows F is fairly obsessed with planes and has dreams of becoming a pilot when he grows up.

The calves have grown and are finally weaned (thank god) I was getting a little bit over bottle feeding them day and night. They still bellow when they see me too.

In the motel I treated myself to a baby Moet. I have come to the realisation that quality trumps quantity when it comes to alcohol.  I have made a deal with myself that for the rest of this year I will only drink nice grog. No more XXXX Gold for me!

I don't know if this will work out, or if it just means I will be paying more to have a drink. But, if I can drink a decent drop, I would probably be more mindful of the enjoyment factor, instead of having one every night for the sake of it. I am not a huge drinker, and my pub days were well and truly over about 13 years ago when I settled down and married. Usually, we will have a quiet beer before dinner and sometimes I will crack the champers for fun on a Friday night, and I don't want to fall into the trap of having it just because it is there.

We will see!

I spent a bit of time in Orange Recollections on our way down to Bathurst. I was hoping that some of that blue and white china that was instagrammed and went viral the other day was still available. They had a bit left, but I managed to get plenty of pretty pieces for a good price. I am going to have to find good spots for the new treasures.

The pots were from a nursery in Orange. The Cyclamens are so pretty!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter break!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The easiest craft project known to man!

This is a tutorial for the easiest craft project known to man.

I don't even know why I am writing a tutorial for it?

Even a monkey could do this!

The hardest part was getting the photo's to load on the blog.

First take a marble tile.

Mine were leftovers from my laundry renovation, so that was easily done. Go to a tile shop and find some coaster sized marble tiles.

You can see where this is heading can't you?

Buy some felt pads from the hardware store. I have used rounds ones on one I prepared earlier. It doesn't matter what shape.

Stick them on to the back of your tile.

And "Hey Presto - marble coasters!

I have made heaps of these babies.

And they look really nice with a glass of champagne or beer on them after a long day doing the BAS.

Told you it was easy!

Jo    xxx

Cushions.... and a mix of random things

I am feeling the need to share, so here it goes....

We had some rain about a week ago.... Cue excitement from all us farmers!

While the rain was beautiful, the mushies started popping up.

You have to pick them really quickly because they don't last long. Also, trying to get the dirt off them poses challenges in itself. Usually you will consume a bit of dirt with wild mushrooms, but they are amazing all the same. Just a bit gritty on occasion!

My boys have been swimming their little hearts out and made it to our Western Region carnival. Then they made it to our Diocesean Carnival.

Just for one race each.

They were pretty nervous, and the excitement at the carnival was insane. Now they know what it is like to "Level up" with their swimming. They have never made it so far with their swimming before - they did work hard to get there though.

I am proud of them for pushing through and trying their very best in their swimming. Had they made it through to the next level, it would of been State, so they have done really well this year.

Our town has lots of amazing little swimmers, so I am grateful that our little town has lots of great coaches to help them reach their goals.

F in the Diocesan carnival

This little one has been dragged from pillar to post lately. We are having a relaxation day today because Preschool and swimming wears him out.

Look at those brown legs!

Have to show off some goodies that I have been hoarding for a while!

My Scalamandre cushion covers have arrived!

I found these ones on sale half price at Scalamandre itself, but they were still pretty expensive. That is why there is only two....

The shipping was the killer, they came from New York. I just closed my eyes and tried to go to my happy place when I saw the shipping charges.

Aren't they beautiful!

Yep, all the way from the other side of the world!

I love the wallpaper that matches this fabric, and I would die to wallpaper a room in it. Why, why are you so expensive Scalamandre????

Something a little bit cheaper here.

I loove Schumacher Nanjing too, this pattern is divine!

Here she is in large cushion cover form.

Those pagodas..... those colours.......... that superb quality of linen.

I bought those from Etsy.

The lady who creates these has an amazing range of beautiful cushion covers. I highly recommend her shop.

Found these pretty throws at

On sale.

love them to bits!

Should of bought more as presents for people though.....

Jo xx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Otomi on a shoestring

What would my blog be without some cushions on it occasionally?

I just love embroidered Otomi fabrics from Mexico, and I know they can be pretty pricey usually. There is a lot of work that goes into them, and they can take weeks to embroider, so if you can source the look without the pricetag - that is gold!

Temple and Webster has Otomi look cushions on there for half the price of the real deal today. Screen printed instead of embroidered, so they are a lot cheaper, and they come in some vibrant colours.

Sunshiny yellow to brighten up a room

Black - always classic

Perfect for a girl's bedroom!

How about some colour of the year - emerald green?

This is not a sponsored post, but I have bought things from Temple and Webster from time to time.

Sharing is caring!

Jo xx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Eggless Dairy-free Muffin Recipe

I have wanted to share this for a while as it is my "Go to" recipe when I don't have anything to pack for school.

It is also my "Go to" when I have people over and I need a super quick treat to pull out of nowhere.

It is egg free and dairy free, so it is great for people with allergies. I would like to say I invented this recipe, but it is actually my Sister-in-Law's. She has children with lots of allergies, so she trialled every egg/dairy/wheat free recipe going until she found a few that didn't flop.

When my first son was a baby he developed a bit of eczema, I could control it with cutting out dairy (and I cut eggs out for good measure). He eats dairy now without too much hassle, but we cut it out for a while if he starts to get eczema again.

Anyway, these muffins are seriously easy and are a great freezer staple to have on hand for lunchboxes, drop in guests, even with a coffee at morning tea. You won't be disappointed!

Step by step instructions:

Firstly, find yourself two bananas that are past their best. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a couple of sad looking bananas in their fruit bowl, so it is perfect for using up those bananas no one can bear to look at anymore.

My hot tip is to freeze crappy bananas, if you have them lying around and then you always have a steady supply.

Throw those sad bananas in your mixer. If you don't have a mixer, don't stress! You can mash bananas with a fork and mix this by hand. Not very hard!

Pop a cup of sugar in, and mix on low until combined.

It will look like this.

Put 2 cups of Self-Raising flour in.

Put a tablespoon of vanilla essence and 2/3 of a cup of canola oil. (I try to use Dick Smith's as it's Aussie).

It will look like this.

Mix all that stuff up on low until just combined.

Don't overmix it or it will be tough and dry!

Now is the time to add the milk. I usually don't measure it, but you could put 1 cup of rice milk in and then see if it is enough. I make sure the batter is not too claggy, but not too runny - if you know what I mean.

It should look a bit like this.

You can substitute Soy milk instead of rice milk. Hell, you could make it with dairy if you feel like.

There is no need for eggs though, since the banana binds it all together.

Spoon that mix into muffin pans and bake it at about 160 degrees (Celsius). For about 20 minutes, or until golden brown.

Cool in tin for 5 minutes and place on a wire rack to cool further.

I like to bag them in freezer bags ready for lunches, or if you have time gladwrap them individually - and then you can throw them straight in those lunchboxes. Saving you time in the school rush - win/win!

There you have it, the easiest recipe ever, and done in under half an hour.