Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cushions.... and a mix of random things

I am feeling the need to share, so here it goes....

We had some rain about a week ago.... Cue excitement from all us farmers!

While the rain was beautiful, the mushies started popping up.

You have to pick them really quickly because they don't last long. Also, trying to get the dirt off them poses challenges in itself. Usually you will consume a bit of dirt with wild mushrooms, but they are amazing all the same. Just a bit gritty on occasion!

My boys have been swimming their little hearts out and made it to our Western Region carnival. Then they made it to our Diocesean Carnival.

Just for one race each.

They were pretty nervous, and the excitement at the carnival was insane. Now they know what it is like to "Level up" with their swimming. They have never made it so far with their swimming before - they did work hard to get there though.

I am proud of them for pushing through and trying their very best in their swimming. Had they made it through to the next level, it would of been State, so they have done really well this year.

Our town has lots of amazing little swimmers, so I am grateful that our little town has lots of great coaches to help them reach their goals.

F in the Diocesan carnival

This little one has been dragged from pillar to post lately. We are having a relaxation day today because Preschool and swimming wears him out.

Look at those brown legs!

Have to show off some goodies that I have been hoarding for a while!

My Scalamandre cushion covers have arrived!

I found these ones on sale half price at Scalamandre itself, but they were still pretty expensive. That is why there is only two....

The shipping was the killer, they came from New York. I just closed my eyes and tried to go to my happy place when I saw the shipping charges.

Aren't they beautiful!

Yep, all the way from the other side of the world!

I love the wallpaper that matches this fabric, and I would die to wallpaper a room in it. Why, why are you so expensive Scalamandre????

Something a little bit cheaper here.

I loove Schumacher Nanjing too, this pattern is divine!

Here she is in large cushion cover form.

Those pagodas..... those colours.......... that superb quality of linen.

I bought those from Etsy.

The lady who creates these has an amazing range of beautiful cushion covers. I highly recommend her shop.

Found these pretty throws at

On sale.

love them to bits!

Should of bought more as presents for people though.....

Jo xx

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  1. Love all your recent purchases - and I hear you re the shipping charges. The cost of getting my bike delivered to Australia was hideous! Congrats little fellas on your excellent swimming achievements. xx