Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A busy week

It has been a busy one, with a road trip thrown in the middle of it all.
We headed to Bathurst where H tried out for a Diocesan Soccer team. We didn't really know what to expect on the day, but he was put in a team of boys from lots of other schools, and they were trialled to see who has amazing skills. And then, who would be picked for the team to take to State.
H plays soccer each year in winter in our small town. They don't do training, they just turn up for a game and it is pretty casual. There were lots of great players at the trials, and apparently down in those colder parts (Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange) they are fairly hardcore with large clubs of players. So competition is pretty tight!
About 100 kids played 5 short games of soccer against all the different teams hoping to get through to a possibles/probable match which would determine who would be picked for the Diocesan team.
Needless to say, we had a snowflake's chance in hell for making it further.
Basically, it was for the experience. H had a go and even tried out for a goal-keeper's position. He always likes to have a go at everything, so I am pleased he tried out. Even though it required a 4 hour drive and an overnight stay to do it all!

I thought the soccer fields were pretty picturesque, with the river nearby, and lovely big trees lining the surrounds.
H is in the blue and yellow. There were all ages from 10 years to 13 years trying out for the one team.


Lolly snakes for a tired boy.

Mount Panorama in the background of the soccer fields.

I left F at home with my husband so he could go to school. I really didn't want him to miss too much school and he would loose two days if he came for a trip. So it was just me, H and little N.

Little N missed his big brother and every time he saw a plane in the sky he kept saying "F likes the planes". "F want to see the planes" He knows F is fairly obsessed with planes and has dreams of becoming a pilot when he grows up.

The calves have grown and are finally weaned (thank god) I was getting a little bit over bottle feeding them day and night. They still bellow when they see me too.

In the motel I treated myself to a baby Moet. I have come to the realisation that quality trumps quantity when it comes to alcohol.  I have made a deal with myself that for the rest of this year I will only drink nice grog. No more XXXX Gold for me!

I don't know if this will work out, or if it just means I will be paying more to have a drink. But, if I can drink a decent drop, I would probably be more mindful of the enjoyment factor, instead of having one every night for the sake of it. I am not a huge drinker, and my pub days were well and truly over about 13 years ago when I settled down and married. Usually, we will have a quiet beer before dinner and sometimes I will crack the champers for fun on a Friday night, and I don't want to fall into the trap of having it just because it is there.

We will see!

I spent a bit of time in Orange Recollections on our way down to Bathurst. I was hoping that some of that blue and white china that was instagrammed and went viral the other day was still available. They had a bit left, but I managed to get plenty of pretty pieces for a good price. I am going to have to find good spots for the new treasures.

The pots were from a nursery in Orange. The Cyclamens are so pretty!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter break!


  1. Wow, it looks so green down there for this time of year! Enjoy your Easter break. xx

    1. It was a surprise to see how green it actually was, and hot too! I was expecting freezing Bathurst weather, not hot sunburny days.

      Enjoy your Easter too Caroline! x