Saturday, 1 December 2012


It was so hot here today.

It was hot yesterday too, and I knew we were in for a stinker of a day when I woke up at 3.00am and it was still stinking hot, and not a breeze to cool things down.

At 8.00am it was 35 degrees.

I started mowing the lawn and just had to stop once it hit 10.30am, it was really too hot.....

I jumped in the pool clothes and all, this was my first swim this season and it was beautiful!

Before we roofed this house we took the old evaporative cooler off the roof because they are completely hopeless in our climate. I was spoilt in our old house, we had split systems in every room. I love refrigerated air.con more than anything in the world.

We survived a freezing cold winter in our house with one wood heater, but I knew we would seriously need some air-con for our summer. Last summer when we moved in it was unusually cool and it rained for weeks, so we toughened up and didn't need it so badly.

We really do need it now!

I asked my electrician to come out to measure up for a quote. Ducted will cost a lot to install and to run, so we are going to get some split systems again. We can install the important rooms first and then next year do the rest.

Hopefully this week I will have some air-con! So excited!!!!

I don't want to put up with another 42.8 degree day without the air-con.

We made the news with our hot temp. Normally Bourke is hotter than us, but not this time....

How do you handle the heat, and do you have split systems or ducted all the way?

Link to hot temp story


  1. Hi - oh you poor things, that is bloody hot! Fingers crossed Santa will bring you some air-con for XMAS. Although it gets hot up here, we still get a pretty good sea breeze so it's not too bad. Our apartment is fully air-conned, and we have a huge lap pool to cool down so I can't really complain. xx

    1. Those sea breezes make any day much better don't they?

      I can't stand humidity, I feel like I am dying in a sweaty armpit when I go somewhere humid.

      Gotta say, I don't really love this dry oven style heat too - there are only so many clothes you can take off to try to combat it. ;)

  2. It's so hot isn't it. I am dreading our electricity bill.

  3. I am dreading the bill to come once the air-con is in. Along with water pumps and pool pumps it becomes seriously expensive!

  4. You make me feel like such a wimp for complaining about the 2 days of 33C we had here in the Blue Mountains!
    Yes, get yourself a split system so at least you will have 1 cool room to which you can escape. xx