Friday, 30 November 2012

Animal prints

I have been too busy to fiddle about with my house (painting is firmly on the backburner right now). But I have been buying and collecting a few bits and pieces to pop into the house.

I am a little bit in love with these prints and I wish there were more available when I bought these.

I love them..... And the detail in them just kills me!

They were pretty good value too. Considering the cost if I bought the prints and had them framed separately.

Straight to the Lounge room!

They came from here -

Now, I was a very lucky girl to get a special Christmas present early from my beautiful Mother-in-Law. She gifted an antique mirror to me, and it is rather precious.

The mirror came out from England when her great, great, great grandparents arrived in Australia. They were upper-class people, and a few really beautiful pieces have filtered down to her. I feel quite special that she offered it to me to hang on my wall, as she could easily just hang it herself.

I told her to hang it in her house, but she insisted I love and enjoy it. So because I am a good girl, I will do what I am told, and I will love and enjoy it.

I am not normally a gold gilded person, but I am making an exception this time because it is stunning. It is probably too small for the spot I want to hang it,  I am sure I will be breaking some interior design rules this time.

I need to get a builder to hang it properly because it is so heavy and I really don't want it to crash down and smash on my floor.

Here is a taster....

Ignore that dust on it, and the fact it is on the floor under my bed too. It is going to look great!

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