Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Black exteriors

There is something mysterious about a black home isn't there?

So dramatic, so stylish!

No worries about the colour dating as black is always a classic.

In a cold climate it would be a great choice as the black would absorb and retain the heat much better.

If I could, I would do a black exterior for a change, but I fear it would be much too hot in our Australian sun. And it would fade far too quickly too.

Here's some inspiration.........

Modernised with black

Great with lime green

A gorgeous church

Stylish entertaining area

All black stunner

Blue Mountains abode

Farmhouse style


A traditional take


Green and black always a winner

I think black wins hands-down to get that dramatic look and it can give even the most rustic barn some sophistication.

Would you, or have you done a black house?


  1. Yes - you know I have! (well only the extension). But I can say from experience that it doesn't affect our comfort levels - we have used a special heat reflective paint which may have something to do with it. The house is also well insulated too. xx

    1. I love your house Caroline! I should do a post on it too since you have moved in. And heat reflective paint is a must. xx

  2. I absolutely LOVE all of these! The contrast between the black and trims is very sophisticated yet seems to work on all the facades you've shown here; country casual, city and coastal. You are right with the warning re suitability in our Australian climate....I wanted to paint some cladding here black but found such a dark colour / heat absorbtion would nullify the material warranty. Damn! Not to be thwarted, I'm using it extensively inside instead!

    1. I agree, black suits any style in any setting! I wanted a black bank of cupboards inside my house, but I settled on grey as the husband thought it was too morbid or something. I could live with black and white forever!

  3. I love all the amazing images here. I painted my house in Roma a very dark blue, and didn't find it any hotter on the western side which I thought may be a problem. I used a white trim and planted a hedge of murrayas along the front verandah which I thought looked lovely with their white flowers and vibrant green foliage. I am still trying to find a way of incorporating dark grey or black into the interior of my current home!