Wednesday, 19 February 2014

No broken drought here....

We got a small amount of rain this week. Only 15mm all up. Unfortunately nothing to get excited about though. My garden greened up, but that was it!

These pictures were taken recently on one of our properties hardest hit by the drought. The cattle  pictured were sorted and sold in the week after the photo was taken. We sold some more this week, and we are waiting to see if this small fall of rain will trigger some bigger falls for us.

We will wait it out and see what comes....


  1. hope we all get some more's so sad selling stock when they aren't ready but you have nothing else to feed them............

  2. Heart-breaking images. I pray you get some decent rain soon.

  3. Your images make the reality of the situation so tangible. What a heartbreaking situation. The lower part of our house flooded yesterday. So unfair of Mother Nature... Hope that you'll see some decent local falls.

  4. We left the land a long time ago now but pictures like that still make me feel ill, all those feelings come back as intensely as ever. There are lots of people who understand and admire you for sticking with it. You're a braver chap than me Gungadin. Wishing you days of gentle, soaking showers, just a couple of inches a day.... Rosemary