Saturday, 5 October 2013

Simple Ideas are often the best

I have been playing around on Pinterest lately and found this little bit of inspiration.

I love that the simplest of ideas can just work so well and are functional whilst looking cute too.

Bistro Union, Clapham

Sure beats a blackboard with chalk dust flying about! And I imagine it would be fairly easy to keep replacing the roll when you want to.

Imagine using it to write messages to your (older) kids, like a chore list they can do while you are out or at work. Handy for lots of mums! Or you could use it to write messages to your family outlining where everyone is, at what times, to keep track of it all. Perfect for busy homes with lots of sporting commitments!

Or you could just using it as a shopping list that everyone could add to as the kitchen runs out of things.

Although this is from a Cafe/Bar, and I imagine it would be used to write up the daily specials. I think it looks great for a rustic/industrial look kitchen.

Would you use this in your kitchen? Or do you think it could be a bit too rustic and over sized?

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  1. Yes yes yes, what a fabulous idea. I love Pinterest!